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Don’t be afraid

July 27, 2020 9:15 PM

As I was praying I asked the Lord if there was anything he needed me to see or hear and I heard The Lord speak to me to write these words down

Behold I come quickly. Make your paths straight, your enemy awaits and is in position. Don’t be afraid, my children trust and rely on me. My spirit will lead and guide you through all the pestilence and war. I will protect my own as I did in the days of Noah and all throughout history. Don’t turn back, but run to me in your secret place. Be vigilant, the enemy is prepared to sift you like wheat. The only way through is in me. I am with you always even until the end of the world. Haven’t I told you I will never leave you nor forsake you? To the unrepentant, turn from your wicked ways. I am the judge of all things, I see all, I hear all, I know all. Who is like unto me? There is none. I am holy and as my judgments come upon you, There will be in weeping and gnashing of teeth. How could you believe everything will be OK? This is the beginning of the end. A nation so great once will never be great again. I have decreed it, I have spoken it. Judgment is afoot oh America. Your sin has been a stitch in my nostrils and my fury is inflamed. I will rain down fire from heaven and you will suffer. Time is short, repent for I come quickly.


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  1. Lee

    Scary and exciting at the same time. Be Prayed Up and dont hold on to any sin, satan is very clever but his time is numbered. Ive told believers about these visions and prophies that i have read and nobody seems to believe me. Why do I believe they are true ? And why do they not believe it, it pisses me off sometimes. They are my friends, Some things that i have heard or videos that Ive watched are kind of way out there, it will make you thing . Iam careful how I go about leading into the conversation and try to word it in a way that is in line with a subject in the scripture or with a current events. I do guys Bible studies here in east Tennessee. Well anyway thats my rant for the day 🙂 Keep strong in the Lord

  2. Jeff

    Lee –
    Just a month ago, I shared my same frustration with a friend who said… Don’t try to convince them, don’t cast your pearls before swine. Matthew 7:6

  3. Madelyn

    Continue to speak the truth in love to those who are in error and trust the Lord to change their hearts

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