Don’t Be Afraid – Angel Falcione

Angel Falcione

I received this word from the Lord on July 6th 2018. It has helped me to let go of fear that I tend to want to hold on to instead of trusting the LORD with my life. Maybe it will help someone else to let go as well.

Don’t be afraid I am in control of your life. It will go in the direction I desire. You need to let go and let it happen without struggling against me. Stop trying to push back. My ways are right and perfect. I will do what is right and just. My plans for you are good. You must believe this my child without doubt, no more questioning. Walk in my words, have faith in my name. Your strength will and is coming from me and me alone. You won’t be falsely accused in my courts. You will stand trail. Make your actions line up to my teachings to stand blameless in my name. I will fight for you and win. You must fight for me to be righteous. I love you my child, you are precious in my eyes, please believe that with all your heart, mind, and soul. I am coming back for you soon, very quickly. The time is near. Embrace me.

Angel Falcione

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