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Don’t Allow Any Injection

April 3, 2020 11:50 AM
Christian Robert

Date Received: 04/02/2020 9:00 PM

After reading Jonathan’s post on 04/02 with the many warnings not to take the COVID-19 vaccine I went to the Lord to seek confirmation.  It came right away on the same day, loud and clear. This is what the Lord said to me:

Don’t allow any injection to your body.

Don’t allow it inside your body.

Because your body is the temple of My Holy Spirit.

Your body is the dwelling place of My Presence.

I also heard this:
I am a faithful God. 
Trust Me with all your heart.
Lean not to your own understanding.
I will never leave you or forsake you.

These are the main points I took away from His message to me:

  1. He did not tell me this vaccine is the mark of the beast, which does not mean it isn’t, but the focus in His Word for me was that there is a clear implication there is something very evil about these vaccines, and that He wants to inhabit a temple that is holy and free from evil.
  2.  I also noticed that He said “don’t allow any injection” which sounds like plural to me. In other words, there could be several of those. Maybe the type of evil varies from one vaccine to the other, or from country to country.
  3.  We are living in those days where the motions of the government to control the people through technology, vaccines and other methods is now starting to become a reality, but the Lord once again emphasized that we are supposed to trust in Him and believe that He will never leave us nor forsake us, no matter what we face individually.

I encourage everyone to seek your own personal confirmation from the Lord, as we should always do, but I felt led to share this message  during my prayer time this morning.

As always, I keep encouraging everyone to pray for all your brothers and sisters in Christ as evil and darkness keeps increasing globally. We live in different countries, but we are all part of the same army, facing the same enemy and tribulation period, serving the same Lord or Lords, and we have the same spiritual father. If the prayer of only one righteous person avails much, how much more when 1,000 righteous children in Christ are praying for each other?

Philippians 4:7

Christian Robert

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  1. Fred

    My Daughter In Law is 8 months pregnant and they want me to get a shot for whooping cough or I won’t be allowed to see the baby for 12 months. I don’t believe that God told you not to get any shots. That is irresponsible of you to say that. People have been getting anti whooping cough shots for years. I do believe that an injection for Coronavirus would be something that I would avoid. You have to be really careful what you post here. I cover myself in the blood of Christ everyday and I am confident that the Lord will protect me.

  2. Patrick Yisrael

    @Fred I believe that this is referring to the COVID 19 vaccine. Look up Bill Gates recent AMA on reddit.

  3. Alice R.

    Vaccines helped with Polio & Smallpox. The trouble is there is no accountability because the drug companies can not be sued for vaccine injuries. It is a big money industry. The Gulf War Syndrome got traced back to vaccines. AIDS got traced back to the Hepatitis B vaccines given in 1979. Now we have Autism & Cancer both with possible vaccine sources. Today they can adjust DNA chains with injections. Don’t get the flu shot or any vaccinations. Trust God as He sees the big picture.

  4. Carol

    Through the years God has seen fit to bless mankind with many wonderful breakthroughs against the terrible diseases that have plagued us. I’m praying daily for a vaccine against Covid 19! If you want to play it ignorant, go ahead but I believe that God works in many ways to help us and He heals both supernaturally and sometimes through medical means.

  5. Christian Robert

    I sought the Lord in reply to Jonathan’s post “Coronavirus vaccine – do not take”. I sought His confirmation on the many dreams he gathered talking about the COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, my inquiry of the Lord was focused on mandated or forced vaccines on the entire population to control a pandemic. I did not seek the Lord about old and established chicken pox or whooping cough vaccines. Therefore, this post does not refer to your personal situation.

    That being said, I don’t know why I heard “injections” as a plural word. My first interpretation is that there will be other virus plagues released after the COVID-19 and therefore there may be multiple pandemic vaccines coming down the road.

    What I do recommend is that people seek the Lord individually for personal direction. Only the Lord can tell each one of us what to do and what is the right thing in our individual case.

  6. Fred

    OK Christian. Thank you. I agree about seeking the Lord’s guidance
    God bless

  7. Sarah

    Hi Robert, the medical industry is relentless in pressuring parents to vaccinate their babies. Fear tactics are liberally used. It sucks to miss out on your grandchild for the first year, but you may need to stand your ground. If you do that, be gracious and understanding and loving.

    There is evidence that it doesn’t actually prevent infection of pertussis but just eliminates the symptoms. If you are asymptomatic, you won’t know you are sick and the baby can get sick anyways. In most cases, infants who acquire it get it from their mothers or any siblings, not grandparents. The data may have changed since I last looked into it so I advise you do your own research.

    Many vaccines are made with animal and even human byproducts (such as the lung tissue of an aborted baby), and some are provided unethically (ex. Giving pregnant women whooping cough and flu vaccine – no studies done). There are so many many problems with the pharmaceutical industry. Remember that this world is evil and that those involved in these endeavours do not necessarily see things the way God does. Go to the Lord first.

  8. Catherine

    The Mark of the Beast will come with the 5th trumpet, we are still by the seals. A lot of things still musst happen. As I told in another comment, when I had to go to Africa, Asia, South America, I had to make almost all the vaccines. I had never problems, i’m still the same, I trusted the Lord to protect me.
    The coronavirus is not so dangerous as the fear of the people. We don’t live in fear but in faith.

  9. madelyn

    Thank You Lord You wake up Your people to the truth of Witchcraft Pharmakia money making lies. Poisons. Tearing down Your Body Temples. Sick and dying and they don’t know why. Babies, children, young and old. Blindly, ignorantly, hypnotically walking in paths to destruction. Be VERY PRAYERFUL AND CAREFUL whom you put your trust in during these dark days!!! Just because your “god” of traditional med says so? Doesn’t make it so!!! God gave us the leaves of the trees and the herbs and plants of the fields for our healing. Why? He knew we’d need them. There’s a reason the Wise Men gave Frankincense and Myrrh to baby Jesus…

  10. Daniel Noahcccccccccc

    Russel Blaylock-Neurosurgeon:: I have written eight papers on the mechanisms of vaccine-induced neuropathology and neurological injury and proposed a plausable mechanism to explain a link to vaccine-induced autism, yet the only person quoted on this issue in the national media is Paul Offit, who not only profits from his own vaccine creation, but admitted in an interview that he knows nothing about neurology or brain function.” Collectivism: Family or state/ An Essay On Mandatory Vaccination by Neurosurgeon, Russel Blaylock M.D. During the polio epidemics in 1949, Fred Klenner M.D. cured 60 of 60 patients(Some already paralyzed) using massive doses of injected vitamin C . People who were already paralyzed with polio for 4 days, Dr klenner brought totally back/healed with massive doses of vit. c .Thomas Levy M.D.,J.D. Vitamin C, Curing The Incurable. Thomas Levy M.D. maintains that vaccines are 100% unnecessary if I.V.’s of vit c given in massive doses cures ALL VIRUSES… Thomas Levy board-certified cardiologist and bar-certified attorney… Polio and Measles were eradicated by indoor plumbing and refrigeration. Polio and Measles had already fallen by 80% BEFORE THE VACCINES. Big Pharma runs the show and most doctors are robots. The USA is the most sick group of people in the industrialized world. Synthetic soil and food =illness… Madelyn, trying to open up the facts to people is often useless. Thry’re trapped in the matrix of Big Pharma. Former Editor of New England Journal Of Medicine Marcia Angell,” You can’t trust the drug studies anymore”. Dr Richard Horton, The current editor in chief of the British journal Lancet “Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, is simply untrue. Science has taken a turn towards darkness.” DR Len Horowitz shows how Corona ’19’ virus was 100% man-made in a lab… they weaponized the previous corona virus. An old axiom from my colleges professor of Statistics…There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Big Pharma runs the Med. schools…

  11. madelyn

    I read the end of the Book. We win! But. Deep Darkness, catastrophic events and a great deception must cover the earth before Jesus returns. Imho Pharmakia is a part of that. There’s a great Falling Away. Ignoring God leads to a downward spiral. They believe a lie and lose their ability to discern good and evil, holy and profane. God turns them over to what they want to believe. They are ruled by darkness instead of heavenly influence. Chose this day whom you will serve. Denial is not a virtue. It’s a poison that will put you to sleep. Psycho world leaders controlled by non human entities. Nephilim alien demons. There’s coming a time you won’t have to FORCE people to take the Mark which will promise long life and health. People will be lined up around the block to take it. It WILL change your DNA to non human unredeemable. It goes under the title of GENETIC ENHANCEMENT. Most world leaders have already “partaken” of this….including trump….God knows. Let’s ask Him.

  12. Tharlene LakesMathis

    to all you christians,i hope you read the Bible enough to know that big pharma,which in the Bible is ;pharmakeia’, a mixing of chemicals & botanicals,& is sorcery,of pagan religion,meds are considered ”poison potions” to God. Of Babylon.

  13. Tharlene LakesMathis

    Pharmakeia” in the Bible is of pagan religion,meds are ”poison potions”,healthcare,pagan!

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