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Donald Trump’s time is coming to a close – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Donald Trump’s time is coming to a close

Dec 13, 2019 9:54 PM
Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Donald Trump’s time is coming to a close this is the message from the Holy Spirit Donald Trump’s time is coming to a close, his purpose is almost for complete. The reign of the antichrist is approaching; turn to Christ, repentance is require the end is approaching. humble yourself children for the end and the reign of the antichrist is approaching, humble yourselves oh wise and humble bride and get ready for the enemy is ready to bring havoc upon this world on the earth and my children Salah. A great tribulation approaches be ready for your destiny is at hand.

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  1. Alice R

    Donald Trump’s mission is not complete. God is not going to cancel out 2 chapters in Revelations. There is NOT a new warier coming to take down Babylon. Babylon is the deep state corruption being done in secret world wide, which is now being exposed. Once the deep state is exposed, the vacuum of power they leave will bring in the Russia & China attacks to the US. Just because Nancy Pelosi wants him impeached does not mean that President Trump is going now.

  2. John Lepley

    Amen I feel it in my bones. I never get prophetic messages just a vauge feeling of angst that tells me something is about to happen. Thanks.

  3. Greg

    The instant we enter the heart of the glory cloud (Orion) things change suddenly. The power grid gets knocked out and that which was in part being every bit true is done away with- the period of nation against nation ceases giving way to brother against brother; neighbor against neighbor; parents against children and Visa versus. The overcoming saints being a few [hundreds not millions] get translated into an immortal state meeting those in the air (spirit/glory cloud of those who rose up to it in death physically). The left behind saints (statistically 100%) because of lack of preparation before the entry can only through the reign of antichrist become incorruptible mortals then dying in faith as martyrs physically as the head (human spirit ) gets separated from the physical body at death.

  4. do you see anything strange?

    Trump is either in on it, or he isn’t.

    Two options. Explore both. Find truth.

  5. Kelli Wood

    Trump is 7th King as Obama is 6 & Final 8th
    Revelation 17:10



  7. Bonnie

    I don’t think you are lying, I just think that you aren’t on God’s wave length. God never changes, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He will come when the Gentiles time has finished.

  8. Susie Rauth

    Satan is auther of confusion.DREAMS ARE NOT Matching of trump getting shot .

  9. Susan Elizabeth

    He has to be removed or true revival has to come. One or the other. Something has to break in the spirit for God’s Spirit to move forward. The spiritual momentum created by God allowing the Trump reprieve has reached a crawl and something must happen now to continue the refining of those who would be refined and the seperation of those who would not.

    Pray for absolute efficiency of all of this that the timing and other details would not be effected by the enemy but that all would work together for good for those who love The Lord and those who will come to through all of this.

    This is the warfare right now:

    That none that were given to Christ would be lost

    True John 17 unity for the Bride/Body/Remnant

    That none would fall short of their calling in this hour as many soups are attached to each believer’s destiny.


  10. Susan Elizabeth


  11. Pr. Aarao

    Donald Trump will be reelected
    NOV 13, 2019, 4:59 PM
    SERVANT OF GOD prophesied on 11: 13.19 that Trump would be reelected.

    Now we have some prophesying that Trump will be removed.

    I want to remind the brothers
    Ezekiel 13
    1 And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

    2 Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel that prophesy, and say thou unto them that prophesy out of their own hearts, Hear ye the word of the Lord;

    3 Thus saith the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish prophets, who follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!

    4 Israel, your prophets are like the foxes in the deserts.

    I see “prophets” here saying, “Either this will come or that will come.”
    When the prophet receives the vision or word of God, it is not double.
    Matthew 5:37 King James Version (KJV)
    But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

    Pr. Aarao

  12. Doug

    Why do so many argue over things that do not matter. If you believe God is in control, then why focus on the president? It is irrelevant if he gets re-elected. Focus on the task at hand, rather then argue amongst yourselves. Arguing is the tool of the enemy designed to make you take your eyes off of God.

  13. Dana

    Doug, you have posted very wise words. God bless you.

  14. Nettie

    I agree with Unknown. I have warned many that the time is NOW, because thats what “the prophets” said. My family has now started to reject me. So they are falling away rather than being saved by all these warnngs. I have basically stopped living my life, and spend every minute for a year, on the Father and His work. It was to the detrement of my children. So I have to now move back into the world to take better care of my children and their futures, since clearly “now” didn.t mean “now”. And don’t tell me God’s timing is not ours. We know that. But God is not stupid either, and knows what the word “now” on earth means. So if He uses now in our language, and it doesn’t happen, I can only assume the prophets must be the ones in thw wrong. So it was wrong of me to warn people of urgency when there was no urgency, and stop my life to my children’s detrement. I can only assume if God says Trump will be re-elected, that we have at least 1 more year before anything happens. For me to store food for a year is a complete waste of money as it will go off. And to waste another year of my children’s lives, is wrong also. I am thus at a loss. So I have set the limit to 31 Dec. If nothing happens, I’m assuming we have another year and all these prophets with their urgency and words of “now” are hearing from deceiving spirits.

  15. Dana

    Nettie, I see a lot of confusion on these pages. God is NOT the author of confusion!

    I personally feel like some of these ‘prophecies’ are NOT from the Lord.

    We need to live in the present and prepare as we are able for the future. Myself, I stocked up on things such as cleaning supplies and canned goods for the winter. I figure those things keep well and no matter what happens I will have them.

    Not everyone has the funds or space to stock up for a year. I certainly don’t!

    Nettie, I don’t think God intends us to serve Him to the exclusion of other things (raising your family and such). We are in the world but not of the world. I try to take time daily to read the Word and pray during the day as I’m doing other things.

    God bless you!

  16. Luca

    Nettie, I feel completely with you. I don’t understand why the prophets always say NOW and nothing happens. I’m extreme persecuted and in great great pain and suffering. My life is unbearable for a long time already. I surrendered my whole life to God. I’m crying out for help every day and night, but God doesn’t listen to me. I’m fighting against suicide every day. The suffering is undescribable. I’m so longing for redemption but nothing happens. I also lived only For God alone and suffer great consecuences for that. I also stored food and things and now I’m so persecuted and must throw away everything and must pay a lot of money for that. I have no income because of great persecution and torture. When I read prophesies about the things which are NOW to happen, I get very encouraged and think, wow, finally my redemptions comes and wait for it and wait and wait only to find out that nothing happened and NOW was not NOW. Things become worse and worse in my life. I can’t understand how God can allow that and why he is not moving. I’m asking myself if all these so called prophets are false or if God is a liar. Everybody hates me because of Jesus and they persecute me including my family. I also told everybody that Jesus comes and they call my mental ill and all kinds of bad things including all “christians” I know. The fact that all these “NOW-prophesies” don’t happen and Satan has complete victory over my life makes me losing my faith. Jesus himself told me in fall 2017 that he would come very very soon, it was very urgent. Here I read that Jesus told others the same thing 40 years ago and nothing happened. I also always think about the fact that Jesus told his deciples of old that he would come back soon and quickly. But he never came, but the deciples were persecuted, tormented and then tortured to death. That’s so discouraging. I have big difficulties to hold on to my faith. And it’s very hurting when people come here who are not persecuted to the core, suffering greatly from torture and torment and are not sharing in Christ’s sufferings and think they are better christians or know better and want to give advice to true followers of Christ. Be blessed.

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