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Donald Trump will be reelected – Servant of God

Donald Trump will be reelected

Nov 13, 2019, 4:59 PM
Servant of God

Donald Trump will be reelected. He will be president for another term for another three years. There will never again be another democratic president. (Sometime in the third year) Donald Trump will be assassinated by people who hate him then Obama will come back into power and he will breathe fire for he is the dragon who gives the beast his power. The Pope is the false prophet.

End of prophecy

Some time in September 2019

For the past couple years God has been telling me directly that Donald Trump will burn with America and that Donald Trump will be like the captain or master of the ship that goes down with the ship. I thought it would be before this term was up but this means in my understanding that we have three years until the COMPLETE destruction of America by some kind of fire after all of her judgments. He has told me that America is Mystery Babylon.


I have brought you up into this place alone with me to tell you that Bryghton, Harrison, Noel and your dad need you to be strong now, for all the things coming upon the world. Do not be afraid, do not cry out for Me because I AM already here. Do not shed a single tear, do not entertain a single fear for I have overcome and will intercede for you. I will pray for the Holy Spirit to give you strength, to cast away your fears and to take them all away. Just be strong and I will do the rest. I WILL DO THE REST OKAY?! (He did not say this meanly, just like take this seriously you know I needed to hear it that way)

Speak to the Nations on My behalf after that glorious day (the rapture) I will send you back here to do all that I have planned out for you to do in Me. You will surely do all that We have planned My Dylan. The road before you is not an easy one and it has not been easy thus far. Please do not be afraid when you see all that is coming, all that is before you for I have cut out a way for you, a path through the pain and darkness, if you go that way you will avoid much pain and hardship. A path through My grace, My astounding love, a path through trust. Great trust in Me, it takes practice Dylan, I have given you much endurance. I have given you more than most of those around you, that is why they will need you. They will look to you in these days up ahead. NOW! When I say now I mean now Dylan. My now is your now. Put the past behind you and press forward in the race. Do not give up. Do not give in. We planned all this pain all this suffering is for MY GLORY. Your kids will reap much reward for all their sorrows and I will take them soon so so soon, Dylan you have no idea how short the time that is left My child. Please do not be afraid. All that I have told you will surely come to pass just as I have said it would through you. My Dylan I see no flaws in you, what can be fixed, changed, made new for your good not just mine. My love for you is greater than you could ever possibly know or begin to imagine. Dylan feel this love now and at all times. I will be with you till the end of the age, and always in the one to come. Do not be afraid for I am with you do not be dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.


Given November 11 2019

This is a personal prophecy that God wanted me to share to help prepare the saints for what is coming and to also give you the timing of everything.

God also wanted me to clarify the part about the children being saved soon. God told me that the children would be taken to be with Him early. Watch Tim Fosters videos on Youtube because God told me he was right about that.


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  1. Franklin Revels

    I Love Jesus. For myself Jesus is ALL. Let all make time, more time to be with, love, talk to, and Thank Jesus for ALL He done and is doing for everyone. Share the GOSPEL with everyone, Love Everyone, and Be Loving to the worst of sinning sinners for that “Was Us” before the grace and mercy of Jesus, The Redeemer, clean us with His Blood and Suffering.
    Love you all.
    Jesus is Lord, King, Savior, Friend, and Best of All, Our Hero.

  2. Susan Elizabeth

    This prophecy about Trump being assassinated at the end of his next 4 year term is what I was made to know as well. And Obama will be head of the UN to take over America after he is gone. The laws are already in place to hand America over to UN control in a state of no leadership and chaos.

    Just waiting to see Obama step in to head up the UN now.

    Judgements will begin to fall on this nation in other ways as in the times of Exodus to move people into the camp of God’s people. Also, now we move, via the vehicles of judgments and persecution from the compromised church and even Trump and those who follow him, from the intial separation of light and darkness that we were in for the first term of his presidency in this land into the separation of the outer court from the inner court the separation from dominionism and worship of this nation and a man to truth and worship of God alone.

  3. Mike Fisch

    Be careful of prophecies that are so specific about timing. Maybe the devil wants you to think you have four more years so you go to sleep.

  4. Carlos Manzano

    I Do believe this true in 2017 I believe God showed me a TIMING the GREAT American solar eclipse was sign and in 2024 will be the next solar eclipse Tower cross America again is a time to get prepared and get our houses in order.

  5. Mark N

    If Obama is the dragon, The Pope is the False Prophet, then who is the beast?

  6. Thank you, Dylan- For the sake of anyone who might ponder over this Word post, I wanted to confirm that I too have known for some time that Trump will take a 2nd term, & so want to verify that much now. Back before Trump was first elected, I received & posted a short Word saying that Trump would be elected, & right after that, a close apostle/prophetess friend posted that Trump would be given 2 terms. I cannot verify the dates or times given, but they do fit well with what we think we know, so far. Excellent comments here! Mark N.: The beast-man is the human-fleshly form the dragon will manifest in. Those who fall down to worship the beast, will often be worshiping a statue, image, or likeness of B.O. rick

  7. DYLAN

    Thank you for all the comments! WOW I am blown always by all the confirmations and extra information! PRAISE GOD! I do want to respond to you Mike and say I know you don’t but for anyone who thinks this means that we have more time to sleep you are wrong because there are only 3-4 years left for EVERYTHING that has been prophesied for Babylon to be fulfilled aka marital law, persecution, famine, pestilence, weather catastrophes, tsunamis, earthquakes, war, invasion etc.. This will all be so horrible, we need to be prepared spiritually. If you read my other personal prophecy underneath God told me the timing for all these horrible things was NOW like our idea of now.
    There is NO time to sleep.

  8. DYLAN

    Thank you so much for all the confirmations and information!!! I am blown away by God right now. Also I wanted to respond to Mikes comment and say that I know you are not but for anyone who might read this and think it means they can go back to sleep, they are very wrong, because what this means is the opposite! We have only 3-4 years for EVERYTHING that has been prophesied to happen to Mystery Babylon to happen before this. Marital law, persecution, FEMA camps to be used, guillotines, coffins, famine, pestilence, weather catastrophes, tsunamis, earthquakes, civil war, riots, war, invasion just to name a few. God told me (in the message underneath the first one) the timing and the timing for all these horrible things is NOW like our now, not some other definition of now. We need to be spiritually prepared for all this because it will be UNBEARABLE if we are not solid in our walk, relationship with the Lord and having the ability to hear and know His voice. Once again the timing is NOW!

  9. JP

    Regarding the children: I have 5 little ones (10 and under). I have seen many prophecies about children being taken early and wish there were definitive scriptures addressing this.

    I have seen the scriptures given to support it but the context surrounding those particular scriptures doesn’t seem relevant to that happening. But I do hope and pray and keep asking Yah if this will happen, not only for my children but for all those that are enduring unspeakable things even now.

    This morning when I woke up the lyrics to “Cats in the Cradle” came into my head, a song I haven’t heard for over 20 years I bet! And then after a rough morning I was reminded by a friend “…they are only little once.”

    I wonder if it relates at all. Enjoying the time I have with them now and not getting caught up in the everyday annoyances. (Like right now I’m being asked to build a racetrack and I really need to stop typing this and figure out dinner 😆)

  10. Brandon

    to Dylan- so basically all those things you mentioned (martial law, persecution, war, etc) will be happening from now until Trump’s 3rd year second term (2024), if I’m not mistaken.

  11. Susan Elizabeth


    We are in the beginning of civil war, in the nation and also in the church. This will continue to escalate amidst famine, financial chaos, pestilence, and greater natural disasters….until there are two distinct camps. When this finally peaks to murder and Trump is assasinated it will be paralleled by assassination in the church (I am not sure who yet but I believe we will se a parallel here somehow). Either way my point is that the pinnacle of all this is separation the leads to murder which then leads to Obama’s persecution and killing of the true saints along with the camp of compromised chrsitianity…..all in the name of brotherly love, unity, and a war against extremism. All will be biblically justified. The camp of compromised Christianity will grow to hate the righteous remnant as they stil love the world and want to save it.

    If you read Dimitri Duduman you will see that it isn’t until after this civil war has reached it’s pinnacle, amidst other natural disasters (of which I am not sure what comes first and what all God has in store… I was personally only shown the massive earthquake and tsunamis from the asteroid hitting in carribean.) Anyway, my point is that I believe we will not be invaded by Russia/China until after the civil war with the deep state/UN.

    But, I may be wrong. I am in prayer about all this and only know in part but I am just writing what He has put into my spirit via His Spirit that quickens me to write.

    Study the way God brought Biblical judgments upon Israel and you will see the order of increasing judgment.

    Also, I believe we will also be witness to, and if found worthy privy to be filled and used in… the last great outpouring and move of God that from the vision I saw happens sometime around the comet hitting and the persecution intensifying.

    I hope this blesses you and helps. Please pray and ask GOD to clear it all up for you as I am a fallible simple woman who is just trying to walk humbly with Him and loves God, Jesus and His people so very, very much.

    It’s time to learn how to walk by the Spirit in ALL things every moment of everyday right now no matter what it looks like to the world. Make your focus learning to abide as He said to me that the only safe place is in Him now.

    God Bless you all,


  12. Dylan

    To Brandon
    Yes exactly because after that there will be no America. America will be completely destroyed at that point. And I have seen alot of these things happen in a really intense vision. Remember from revelation her destruction will be an an hour.

  13. Kevin M.

    No, all these judgments will not happen before Trumps death, that is only the beginning of America’s destruction. Obama will become acting president for the remainder of Trumps term, and possibly after. Only then will the war on Christians begin. Nothing happens overnight, these big movements start slowly, then build as they become accepted as normal. It will take maybe ten years after this for all the financial fall and martial law to develop, the stealth persecution of Christians becoming normalized, the earthquakes, and then the invasion by Russia and China. That invasion is the true and final “destruction of America” as a political and military entity of any influence in the world. So I’d say the invasion is at least ten years off. The whole point of Trumps presidency is to discredit conservatives and Christians, to justify Obamas attack on them. But nothing bad has even happened yet. Trump still has to take out the NK regime, and the great Israel war also has to happen on his watch. The economic collapse has not really begun yet. There is much left to happen, and it will not happen in three years. All the really bad stuff happens after Obama returns.


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  15. Tribulation-Now Radio Ministry Show Invitation

    Dearest Dylan,

    This is Nancy with Tribulation-Now Radio Ministry. I help John (the host) to schedule guests. We were hoping you would join us live on the air to share about this prophesy and anything else the Lord has shown you about end times..

    Our show runs live on Sunday and Wednesday nights with guest call in 9:00-10:00pm (Eastern Time). We have a global audience as an Internet streaming program. Listener-ship numbers vary from a few thousand to occasional tens of thousands.

    Following the interview, you will be able to access it to share on your website. It will also be converted to YouTube as well.

    We would be honored to have you as a guest.

    Please contact me, or John (contact information below); We would LOVE to hear from you!

    In God’s Unfailing Love, Nancy & John
    “Nothing in all creation is able to separate us from
    the love of God that is in Christ Jesus” Romans 8

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