Do you understand the power you have IN ME? – Sarah L

Do you understand the power you have IN ME?

Sep 25, 2019, 10:32 PM
Sarah L
At 2 this afternoon while in worship and prayer, The LORD had me write His words down.
Before I started writing I was shown two visions. The first was a steath type plane I watched as it passed over my house here in Texas.
 After that I saw the colors green and yellow. I heard “BP” I asked in spirit, like British Petroleum? “Yes”
HE led me to look up the colors used in BP’s logo. The green used in their logo is Islamic green. This is apparently a very important color in Islam.
Here is the Word Holy Spirit directed me to share after 9pm tonight(9/25)
“Your will is not always MY will, MY ways are not like your ways.
There is coming a time when none of this shall remain(earth), you’ll be taken into the Kingdom of MY FATHER.
Paradise awaits for MY faithful flock.
I see you, your heart. I know things about you that you do not yet understand. Each one of MY Children were made different, for a specific purpose, MY purpose.
Some follow the narrow path of this purpose.
Most reject MY will in their lives. They make their own plans according to the will of the flesh.
Cars and money. Boats and houses.
What will they have to say when standing before the Throne, Child?
Will they have joy? Charity?
Were they patient while waiting for MY answer to their half-hearted prayers?
For I answered them all, yet they failed to see.
My will is the reason you are here. Some stumble, are stubborn and fall into habits like snares of the enemy.
All must seek ME and MY will to find your true purpose. It is I alone that will judge your obedience.
I have many good and faithful servants. You heard me correctly earlier. You are a messenger presently, soon you’ll walk in MY full anointing. You’ll assist your Brothers and Sisters in the greatest harvest ever seen in all of creation.
Are you ready?
Learn MY Word so you may rebuke any that come against you or your family.
This is of utmost importance for all MY Children.
Psalm 91
Psalm 27
Isaiah 12
Do you understand the power you have IN ME?
Most have no idea how powerful your FATHER in Heaven is.
Walk in this knowledge, Child.
Anointed for battle, I am readying MY army, yet few even realize the late hour.
Is MY Matthew 24 warning NOT coming to pass before your very eyes?
You ask why are so many blind?
I’ve blinded them, given them up to evil passions.
Their money, celebrities and every newest “gadget”.
MY Children fail to see their ENEMY in ALL those distractions.
The advesary wants wasted and unfruitful lives.
They are failing to notice MY signs, warnings and desperate pleas given through MY messengers.
That money will not buy you a ticket out of judgement.
Everyday that you come before ME in faith repentance and true obedience forgiveness is yours.
You have a crown. You have a robe, all has been washed away.
MY forgiveness and mercy never fades.
I will set MY people free very soon for the sins of the unrepentant and evil have reached Heaven and WILL NOT be tolerated much longer.
I love you. Rest in ME your LORD and SAVIOR, YESHUA
Peace, MY dove, peace.


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