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DO YOU SEE? – Kim Chadwell

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October 13, 2023 10:10 AM
Kim Chadwell

Things are going to escalate after the eclipse, 14 October 2023. After the eclipse there will be increased violence, persecution, and wars.

The hidden sins of man will be done openly in the streets. This includes Believers. Those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing will behave erratically and will be exposed. Those who are living double lives will behave in violence and will be exposed. Those who are operating deceptively will be accused and will be exposed.

Across the earth from servant to master, from prisoner to leader, from nation to nation: you will see with your own eyes who has been living a deception. Great will be the vomiting of the fake.

Prepare for the increase of violence, persecution, and wars. Prepare for the cleansing of the earth. Woe to the one who is caught unaware. Repent now. Repent now before the Lord’s ear is turned. Wail before a holy God. Much suffering is coming. Only those with a pure heart and pure hands will endure. Woe to the one caught in deception.

After the eclipse there will be a noticeable shift. Slow at first – then will steadily increase.
Prepare for what your eyes will see.

The wrath of man is great.
The wrath of God is greater.

He who has ears let him hear.

Kim Chadwell


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