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Holy Spirit Wind

Do You Know Me in Your Head or in Your Heart?

Received 10-19 and 10-20-18

My son, I want to give you and my people a deeper understanding of the differences between knowing in the mind, soul or brain verses knowing in your heart, spirit or belly which is where My Spirit dwells if I am allowed inside of a man.

The picture below represents human effort to break out of the darkness and see the light.

The problem with this effort is that it is only in the external realm. This realm is still filled with darkness but it gives the appearance of light but it is false light. The fire that burns in this external realm is strange fire. In this realm people know all about Me with their brain but it does them no good. This realm is ruled by Satan, the fallen angels, demons and men who have not been reborn by My Spirit and they all know that I exist. Those who think I don’t exist would know I do if they sought Me with all of their heart. There many ways to go in this worldly realm but they all lead to unfulfillment and ultimately hell. A few examples of these ways are religion, lust for power, love of money and or possessions, envy and jealousy, sexual lust, worldly knowledge and wisdom, unforgiveness, hatred, malice, strife, witchcraft and rebellion. Some of you are surprised that religion would be grouped in with the other works of the flesh. Man’s efforts are sin even if they are “morally good” such as being a “nice, respectable, upstanding citizen”. All of mans righteousness are as filthy rags to Me. Man’s attempt to come to Me in his own way is like the tower of Babel to Me and I will destroy it!

I require perfection, I made the way and I am the way! The picture below is how I must be received by you.

Do not be offended at this picture beloved but receive the truth. The egg here represents your heart or spirit which is dead until My seed comes into you. When this occurs there is an explosion of light and you are made alive! You are the door-keeper of your heart and you have the choice whether to let Me in or not. Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. (Rev 3:20) THIS IS THE RELATIONSHIP THAT I WANT AND THAT YOU NEED!

The enemy is also trying to force himself into your heart and you must remain submitted unto Me and resist him and he will flee. As you overcome I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.(Rev 3:21) For I have raised you up together, and made you to sit together with Me in the heavenly places. (Eph 2:6) You shall rule and reign with Me in My kingdom without end if you overcome by the power of My Spirit inside you. Once inside of your spirit, My Spirit will begin to transform you into My likeness. I make you a new creation; old things will pass away; behold, all things will become new. Your heart or spirit becomes My temple and I dwell there when My seed is allowed to be planted. You become a temple not made by human hands.

Spiritual growth will begin to take place within you like a garden, if you keep the garden of your heart with diligence. Keep tilling the soil of your heart with repentance so that the roots of My seed which is My Word can grow deep. Remove the stones and break up the fallow, hardness constantly, because the enemy is always trying to throw rocks and trample your soil with trials and temptations burning like the hot midday sun of summer. The enemy will also try to plant thorns and weeds in your garden so be on guard! These are the cares of the world that try to choke out My seed. You must be constantly be uprooting anything that he plants such as pride or bitterness or fear because they will kill My seed. The heart with good soil, that is tended, will yield 30, 60 and even 100 times the crop that was planted and the Sower will be greatly pleased! I will say well done My good and faithful servant enter into the joy of your salvation!

I tell you the hard truth now My greatly loved ones, the times that are coming will produce many spiritual abortions of My seed within the hearts of My people because they believe the lies of the false church, false apostles, false prophets, false teachers and false preachers. Many of the seeds that I have planted in the hearts are put to death by the doctrines of demons and men as they strangle and tear apart those in the spiritual womb. They do this by teaching them the false gospel of externalism, dead works, hyper-grace, “Once Saved Always Saved” and saying the “sinners prayer” just to name a few. They also My cause My newborn babies not to grow by not feeding them even milk! No repentance, no commitment, no heart felt prayers and no relationship with Me at all. What they give out is Kool-aid, cookies and candy which tastes good in their mouths but bitter in their bellies. This makes them fat and lazy with no spiritual strength at all. When the time comes that they must stand and fight they wont be able to because they have not even learned to walk without holding onto something. There will be nothing to lean upon in the coming days! I am the only source of strength that anyone will have! In the coming days there will be a famine of not only physical food but for My Word because they have not hidden it away in their hearts.

Those of you who have spiritual eyes to see and ears to read and hear what the Spirit says! Drink the milk and eat the meat of My word! Fill your lamp with oil and fill it to overflowing that your heart is blazing with My glory and I will anoint your head as well! My supply never is used up, there is always more! Pray that I transform your old wine skins into new ones that you may be able to hold the new wine of My Spirit that is flowing even now! Behold, the former and latter rain of My Spirit comes in one month a flood of My Spirit upon all flesh! Drink of My living water until you can hold no more!


Jesus Christ

Yashua ha Mashiach

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