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Do you believe? – April Denise Stefko


Do you believe?

April 18, 2022 8:43 PM
April Denise Stefko




“War. World War III is coming. Be ready. Be prepared. Now is the time to come to Me ready or not. Repent. Come to Me and repent. Those who do not know Me, come and get to know Me. Before it is too late for your soul to be saved. Revelation is given by My Holy Spirit if you seek it out. Commandments. My commandments. Do you know them? They are there to guide you in righteousness. Grace is given to those who receive it. Do you receive it? Do you believe? That I sent my Son to die for your sins? To pay the price? To atone for your sins? To pay the ransom to the devil? To take back the keys from the devil? For you? For your dominion in the new earth, heaven? Judgments. Judgments. Double judgments. – YHWH”

~ April Denise Stefko

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