Do They See Me In You? – Carla Smith

Do They See Me In You ?
Sunday , May 19, 2019
Carla Smith

Daughter write these Words,

I Am calling all who choose to walk according to My Spirit … To walk in love and compassion for the lost … Do not assume that most people you know or meet know Me as Savior, most know about Me but their hearts do not belong to Me … I long for My children to share My love to the hurting and wounded people around them, speaking My Words of truth to them … My Word brings healing and clarity to anyone who is lost and without direction.

I came to give life to the lost and hopeless, but how can they know Me in a deep and meaningful way unless my true ones speak of Me, and share how I can change their lives … Do they see Me in you? Do they see that even though you struggle and stumble, you never give up your faith in Me?

Words of hope, encouragement and love shared in My Word is the road map for anyone that seeks to help others, and to lead them to Me … True faith is walked out in demonstration of My Holy Spirit in their lives … I give strength to the weak, direction to the lost, I bind up the brokenhearted … My Spirit leads them into all truth through My Word … How do they know unless you speak of Me? … How do they see unless they see Me in you?

*Note : Ive noticed the Lord has stressed the importance of love and compassion for the lost in a few of the Words He’s given me … I know prophecy is being fulfilled in real-time all over the world, and it’s super important to stay informed, but what I think the Lord is speaking to the individual believer is this, … how much do we care for the lost? Do we listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to us about hurting people around us? Do we pay attention to the Holy Spirit about our own struggles that hinders us from being used by Him? Something we must ask ourselves and be real with the answers … By doing this, we can grow to be more like Yeshua and a better understanding of learning whats really important in our daily walk.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word … Thank You Lord for always helping me in my weakness

Psalm 31:24 Luke 1:37, 4:18-19 John 10:10 Romans 10:17

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