Do They Matter To You – Carla Smith

Do They Matter To You

May 11, 2020
Carla Smith

Monday, May 8, 2020

My daughter write,

I speak to you this day, walking in power comes with a price … My Spirit upholds those who seek Me in Spirit and Truth.

Time is growing darker and more are being controlled by fear … Fear is not of Me, it has no place in Me … Fear will place many on the path of destruction, conformity to a lie.

In Me is all Truth and not man! … My Word declares the truth, from beginning to the end … Understanding My Word will give you wisdom that is from Me … You who have access to My Word but do not take the time to read, will give account.

Who will call upon My name for Wisdom and Council? … Those who walk with* unbelief will fail, they are blind and cannot understand My ways … Who will speak to the blind and hopeless? Who will lead them to Me? … Are you willing to speak My name to the lost and hopeless? Can you speak of My love for them? … I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life to all who call upon My name … Are you willing to reach out and help the lost? Do they matter to you? … How will they know Me unless My children tell them of how much I love them … Tell them how much I loved you and what I did for you … Is it a hard thing to share the Love I gave you? … Can they see the hope and joy I give you when you seek to speak My name? … Just as I have done for you, I do for all who call upon My name.

Speak of My love and salvation to anyone seeking direction … anyone hurting … My Holy Spirit will do the rest … Speak out to all who need Me.

Thank you Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word, I love You.

* I sensed that this was an actual spirit of unbelief …. also Ive noticed a strong move to the salvation of souls and not so much on coming judgements … time is short, let us work while its still day.

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