Do Press On, My Child – Brian Ethier

Do Press On, My Child

January 27, 2021 12:12 PM
Brian Ethier

Do press on, my brother, my sister,
And boldly face the deadly foe;
For through Yahusha HaMashiach we’ll conquer,
While we are traveling down here below.


Do press on, My child, do press on
Says Messiah our Loving Friend;
Do press on, do press on,
“For I, Yahusha, I’m with thee to the very end.”

Do press on, and let all thy failings,
A blessing to thee prove;
For no wave of care or sorrow,
Thy trusting soul shall move.

Do press on, even though many raging tempests,
And fiery billows all about you roll;
For while crossing life’s rough rapids,
Thy Captain will safely guide thy soul.

Do press on, amid strong temptation,
And do tell satan that he must flee;
And in Yahusha’s Name resist him,
And the victory thine shall be.

Do press on, forever trusting in the Savior and King,
And with great unshakable faith believing too;
And in spite of doubt or feeling,
Faithfully the Master’s Word will take you through.

Do press on to what’s before us,
And forgetting all the past;
Do not ever give up, for your Shining Light will be so glorious,
And which eternally shall last.


Do press on, do press on, my child, do press on,
“For I, Yahusha, Your Savior and King, I’m with thee to the very end!”


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