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DO NOT TAKE THE JAB!/Unity & Maturity – Shannon Johnson & Linda Hasche with Jeff Byerly

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DO NOT TAKE THE JAB!/Unity & Maturity

May 5, 2021
Shannon Johnson & Linda Hasche with Jeff Byerly


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Transcript below by Anonymous

05-08-21 Document intended to give helpful quotes from the 05-05-21 live stream video by Shannon Johnson (boldsojah4Christ) and his new co-host, Linda Hasche (of believeacts2 – HARVEST) and guest, Jeff Byerly. The video is available at Jeff’s YouTube channel (HolySpiritWind).

This document is composed mainly of quotes from these three persons concerning the jabs/injections/so-called “vaccines” related to the COVID-19. Most of what follows recaps information they have received from the Lord.


Shannon Johnson:
“… there are so many questions that people have concerning the jab/the kill shot … whatever you guys want to call it … .

Shannon played a video he made recently about a dream he just received. He had asked the Lord to show him if it was true what he had heard on the internet that people would become zombie-like after taking the jab. In the dream he witnessed people being told it would be okay if they took the jab. Many did. And in the dream he witnessed people “walking around hunched over, like you see in movies, but they had no mind – they had no control.” … Later Shannon was in the back seat of a car with someone he knew in the car – “a Christian Brother in Christ”. Shannon “remembered him say he took it … but he was real remorseful … he felt sorry that he took it. And then his body began to change; it didn’t happen overnight, but his body began to change. And he said, ‘Shannon, my body’s changing; it’s wearing off.” I said, no, wait: It’s not you. The Lord knows your heart.” … “The Lord began to heal him.” … And Shannon talked with another friend, a rapper, who had previously said he did not take it – but then told Shannon he did take it. And he pulled out a vial and tried to get Shannon to take it, but Shannon took it from him and threw it away. … Shannon also “saw police and military … ushering people where to go to get their stab.” … “The Lord was trying to show me in the dream that the jab will change you but it’s not the mark of the beast.” …”the one Brother in Christ was seriously … sorry for what he did, and the Lord healed him.” … Shannon said” “What I believe the Lord is saying is the time is coming that this will change people” … Shannon says we should NOT take it, but if someone does, he/she needs to “repent of it and ask for forgiveness and Holy Spirit will begin to cleanse the evil and [take] it away.” And Shannon also said that in the dream, “more and more celebrities began to promote the stab.” Shannon saw in the dream “a pill was introduced as well.” … “Please take it to the Lord in prayer. I love you guys. Stay faithful to the end, because night is coming when no one will be able to work. Shalom.” [NOTE: The audio of the dream was played into Shannon’s microphone, and much of it was garbled and hard to understand. The audio then cleared up for the rest of this live stream.]

Linda Hasche:
Linda starts off by saying that we need to seek the Lord – to hear from Him ourselves – NOT running here and there “like a crack addict” to try to hear the latest prophetic message: “If you’re going after all these prophetic words here and there and here and there like a crack addict, and you’re not seeking the Lord for YOU, to hear Him yourself, you’re wasting your time. Just click off and you go repent. We’re not supposed to be following anyone. The only reason the Lord brought me back out [i.e., from silence, which He had put her under several months ago, until very recently] was for these final words and then to show unity in the Body. You got to repent. The oil in our lamp is our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, ‘My sheep know My voice; I know them, and they follow Me.’ If you can’t hear that still small voice of the Holy Spirit, which could be through the Word, through a song that comes into your heart, through a dream or a vision … that still small voice. If you can’t, you might as well click out now and go seek Him and then watch this later. It’s most important! Jesus is FIRST! HE is the KING! –Normal’s not coming back, but Jesus IS – with fire!”

“So, when I watched that video that Brother Shannon shared, about his zombie dream, I sent him this one” [i.e., that Linda had in 2015]:
“2015 Dream: The Global Zombie Pandemic”

“2015, brothers and sisters. The only thing zombie back then was maybe some old disgusting movies. So I’m going to read this … but I HAVE TO SAY: This jab is NOT the mark of the beast! The enemy’s trying to bring condemnation! If you are a brother or sister in Christ and you took that thinking that was the right thing to do… you may have even done that because you want to go minister to the elderly in the nursing home… all you have to do is repent! If this really WAS the mark of the beat, you wouldn’t care! You would be hating us. You wouldn’t feel that grief. And that grief you’re feeling is the grief of the Lord that you got caught by satan. Just stop right now. We’ll pray.”

“Father, I ask that You’ll give Your children the courage to turn to You right now and say, ‘Forgive me, Father! I didn’t know what I was doing. Restore unto me the joy of my salvation! Restore unto me the way You created me, by the blood of Jesus.’ And Father, they were attacked in a vicious way down to the core of what You created them. I ask that You amplify the anointing on their life – the power on their life in bringing more souls in because they went through this. Use this as a testimony of Jesus Christ.”

“These demonic forces hate us and they’re trying to take as many down as they can. This is not the mark. It’s part of the best system – it’s like when they put that thing in your gums and they’re going to pull your teeth out. He’s putting that into the body. He’s putting it into the hopeless. He’s putting it into those that can’t even make a decision. The Father is not going to condemn somebody – let’s say they’re in the last stages of Alzheimer’s and they get the jab: They’re not going to hell! God loves us! He loves His children more than the best grandma of the year loves her grandkids. – That’s like one grain of sand compared to the ocean and sand of the love of the Father. “

“So … anybody that’s saying this is condemning you: Stop it! I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus! Go and repent and seek Him for the truth! The enemy is trying to divide us in any way possible. And the love of the Lord is bringing us together regardless of age, race, gender, location on the planet … our brothers and sisters are all over the globe going through this. When the global elite said ‘We’re all in this together”, that’s because they all planned the evil together – BUT we are All One in Christ with Love!”
“So, let me tell you about this zombie dream: I had this dream in July, 2014, and I wasn’t even released to put it up till 2015. Here it is: I was at my mom and dad’s house, where I grew up in St. Louis. There was a man with a large hat and coat across the alleyway. I felt strongly pulled to look at the man’s shoes. There was something about them that just didn’t seem right; it was sinister. Across the way, this man was leaning over another man’s body, but all I could see was the man’s body’s feet – the man that was on the ground. And both of them were hidden behind a building and a telephone pole. The man that was on the ground – his feet were bare. But I saw the shoes of the evil man. Caution – the next is graphic. But I didn’t see it- it’s just the Lord gave me understanding – and what I knew was going on was the evil man with the funky shoes was plunging a metal something into the rectum of the man who had bare feet, and that man was dead. Later, I knew some evil people were coming into the house, after they had been inside many places. I ran outside the door, where a horse was waiting for me to escape. I yelled for Zeke, the male cat I had at the time to come outside, and I knew even our animals weren’t safe. Several cats came running out the door, including Zeke came over to me. I reached down, scooped him up, put him on the back of the horse. The horse reached around to sniff him, and then we rode off. The scene changed, and I saw people I knew who were under the influence of this evil, which made them turn into something non-human – something zombie-like. “

“I need to stop now. You know all those poles that have those things that are going all over, that are supposed to be for this. There’s something about that the frequency will impact the nano-bots that are … [Shannon mentions 5G] … there’s something in there these microscopic robots, when the frequency hits, that’s going to pass the blood-brain barrier … and that’s what’s coming.”

“I saw this man that I knew, Mr. N, who had ruined evil. And Mr. N was a Christian in reality, and I knew him in reality, and he was in this dream. I was aware that when I started praying in the Spirit out loud that it would deprogram people … Wow; I’m just understanding now: that goes with the nano-bots and the frequency. It’s like the programmed people would turn any other human into something evil like themselves, if they found them anywhere. So I started praying out loud in the Spirit, and Mr. N became himself again. –I wasn’t even next to him. I was praying for him from a distance. Our prayers go right to the Throne Room – so keep praying for people you know that took these jabs. Prayers work. Many others were walking the street, looking for non-programmed people program.”

“Think about what’s going on now.”
“There was no place to safely walk around in public places. I had to stay hidden.”
“We’re hidden in Christ.”
“At one point a lady had something she wanted me to look at, but I had to hold it up to my eyelike a camera …” – “and to this day, I really don’t know what that is.” “I knew if I did that I would be programmed, so in order not to be programmed, I held it up but closed my eye. I noticed another pair of sandals on somebody which were very different from what programmed people were wearing. That person wearing the sandals was safe and was not evil, had not been programmed. There were very few people who had not been programmed. And I was on the run and at one point ended up at what may have been a grain silo, while trying to escape.”
“I need to stop here. The dream was in 2014. Fast forward to the end of 2016: I’m being driven up to the farm property by my husband, and I look and there’s a grain silo … I’m going, man, that looks just like the one in the dream. The next day when it was light I went out. It was an empty grain silo just like the dream. There was another one that was full. I’m like, oh, man, Lord, please make me not have to go in there; there’s like pigeon poop and all kinds of nastiness in there. But anyway, that was the Holy Spirit letting me know this is real; this is coming. I’m still hoping I don’t have to hide in that grain silo. Although I had escaped, I had to stay on alert because most people were programmed … and this goes back to, we have to have the Holy Spirit. He will lead and guide us. We don’t want to be somewhere that’s going to be detrimental to us. –You might have one route you go to work, and the Father will lead you in another route. You might like a certain grocery store, and He’ll go, ‘STOP – don’t go’. We have to have that still small voice of the Holy Spirit. –You can’t buy that. You can’t sell it. It’s your relationship.”

“Okay. Interpretation: “
“When I had this dream, upon awakening, I noted the time was 4:11 AM. 4-1-1 is the number you call for Information in Kansas City. The Holy Spirit is giving us information to warn us to stand strong on the Word, for that is the Sword of the Spirit. Be clean in your relationship, your walk with Jesus. Have no unforgiveness in your heart, for that is a doorway for the demonic hordes to attack you. We must understand our authority in Christ, for the power of the Holy Spirit given to all believers and followers of Jesus. I believe what is coming will be a demonically charged pandemic that will be highly contagious to both humans and animals. This will impact both the physical and spiritual aspects of a person or animal that will allow them to be oppressed and/or possessed by demons. Listen, the healing power of the Holy Spirit, through the prayers of the true believers and followers of Jesus WILL heal and deliver people, as well as animals, from the illness/mind control associated with the demonic pandemic. What will be vital will be to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in all areas, for the demonized people will be seeking out Christians to destroy them. BUT FEAR NOT! Who needs a face shield when Jesus is our Shield! He’s our Shield, our Salvation. He is a very present help in trouble. We will call upon the Name of the Lord, and He will deliver us from all evil. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross. –You took the jab? Oh, you took a hit. It would be like you were a soldier on the battlefield and you got shot. Hey, you got shot twice. Hey, call out to the Master Healer, Kingdom Redeemer! Forgive me, cleanse me, heal me, and empower me to go forth and bring forth the souls into the Kingdom of Heaven for such a time as this.”
“Now, for anybody … I’m going to have to spell this out, because if I say it, it might be zapped: d-e-a-g-e-l.com. D-e-a-g-e-l.com. Back in – and this was from 2015 – the 2017 U.S. population was 321,000,000. In 2019 it was 333,000,000. 3-3-3: that’s illuminati satanic right there. –They’ve taken this website down; the website’s there, but it doesn’t give you the projection. So you can see that is from a website, and they projected population for 2025 for the U.S. – if I can get it there – look: 61,000,000. How do you think they’re going to do that? This is just a part of it; there’s a lot coming. But don’t let this stop you! You got … you had your legs knocked off underneath you; you were doing things with a right heart. The Master, Creator, Redeemer, your King and your Friend will heal you. Repent. Turn to Jesus. He will heal you.”


“Anyway, Jeff, I’m turning it over to you. In Jesus Name, amen.”

Jeff Byerly:
“All I want to say is, Linda, I agree with you one-hundred percent.“ …

“… the’ KILL SHOT’: –That’s what the Lord told me to call it; that’s what I’m going to call it. Um … that’s exactly what it does to you: it KILLS you. – Plain and simple. –It might not be one hour after you take it, or a day, or a week, or a month … maybe even a year. – Maybe you’ll have more than that. It is injecting DEATH into your body. Plain and simple. Our bodies are supposed to be temples of the Holy Spirit. And when you do something … BLATANTLY … it’s like putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger. Boom.”

“Now, this person [i.e., he is referring to an example he gave of a person he mentioned who heard that the kill shot is NOT the mark of the beast, because the Bible shows us the mark of the beast will be in or on the right hand and/or the forehead so he or she took it] … was looking for AN EXCUSE TO TAKE IT, BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO! That’s why they took it. –And I explained this to the person that messaged me, and I don’t know if they understood or not.”

“It’s NOT the mark of the beast. – This is NOT yet. It is part of the beast system … and it is A VERY SERIOUS THING TO TAKE IT. –Because, if you pull a trigger on a gun to shoot yourself, how long is it going to be before you’re going to be judged. You have maybe a split-second. If you took a handful of pills you have a little longer, maybe, to repent. – Who knows how long you have if you take this shot – this KILL SHOT. There IS space for repentance. I know that the Lord has spoken that to me – and you guys [i.e., he refers to Shannon and Linda] as well. –That’s what Shannon’s dream was all about. And the people that are saying this is the mark of the beast and there’s no repentance for it … you are DRIVING PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE LORD RIGHT NOW, AND YOU NEED TO REPENT OF THAT! This is totally uncalled for.”

“I don’t know how you can mess up: FOREHEAD … RIGHT HAND. You cannot buy or sell… . –We’re still buying and selling right now! …”

“I want to read a few things that the Lord has revealed to me about this:

“First of all, it IS A SIN to do it – so you HAVE TO REPENT. Because it is letting … into your temple … And YOU ARE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, like I said before. Especially if you’re a Christian. If you’re not a Christian, you can be a temple of the Holy Spirit, and you need to get on your knees and ask Jesus to come in – and His Holy Spirit will dwell within you. So… [Jeff says he will read parts of what the Lord gave Him, since if he read it all, it would be very long]:

“Back in March, the Lord showed me that taking the kill shot is like getting on a water slide that is descending straight into the lake of fire. And then He said, ’It will take an absolute miracle of Divine intervention by My Hand for these to escape the fate of going into the lake of fire, BUT I AM THE GOD OF MIRACLES! My true children that were deceived by this will be delivered by Me IF THEY TRULY REPENT.’ –it’s got to be true. –There will be still physical effects, which I believe that the Lord can even take those away as well. But, that’s His will; each case is going to be different. – The Lord shows mercy on who He will show mercy on. He has His reasons, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts; His ways are higher than our ways. – Don’t try to figure God out, because you won’t do it ever – never, ever! We can go through eternity, and we will never figure Him out. He is that much Higher than us. – He’s The Most High. There’s none like Him.”
“I’ve got some more things I’d like to share here:
“The Lord told me the kill shot is like the serpent’s bite. And I’d like to share … He’s speaking about Donald Trump here: ‘As I have told you before, the only thing that will be great about America will be her destruction. You have exalted your fallen leader’ – which is Donald Trump – ‘over Me, even though he has led you astray, and he has not led you to repentance before Me. You have more hope in his return’ – and they still do, even months after the fact – ‘than in Mine.’ –That’s what Jesus said. And you know, this – the letter that we can’t even say anymore; the seventeenth letter of the alphabet … people are still following it. … Anyway, I don’t want to get sidetracked. ‘You trust in him and his man more than Mine. This golden calf, who is also a snake’ – and He said that, in that poem that he’s famous for quoting (You knew darn well I was a snake before you let me in, and it’s the truth. So the one who is a golden calf and also a snake– ‘is the one who implemented the speedy plan to warp the people of America with his bite. Now this plan continues with the illegitimate puppet king’ – which is the current guy in the office… . ‘The goal is the same: injecting their poisonous venom into all of you. Will you allow them, or will you take your stand and reject it?’”
“The Lord showed me that … once you take the first dose, you’re sucked into a vortex, and then it makes it easier to take the second one – and probably the third and the fourth … and then, ultimately the mark of the beast, which you know that’s coming. – The Lord gave me a song [months ago, by a 1980’s group, titled] “One Thing Leads to Another” and then “Step by Step” [by another group].” –He gave me this when my son got a PCR test.” [Jeff then shares that his son has since become a Christian and is] “totally on fire for the Lord” … “he is not going to take the kill shot” … “and I just say Hallelujah! for everybody that was praying for him, and I thank you very much. I know that the prayers worked. –And they will work – even for those who have taken the kill shot.”

There was more said, but the above information covers key points. If you desire to listen to the entire live stream, it is available at holyspiritwind.net and the YouTube channel for Jeff Byerly / HolySpiritWind.


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