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Do Not Pray Against My Judgements – Roxanne

Do Not Pray Against My Judgements

March 21, 2020 8:35 PM

Recieved March 16, 2020

Daughter speak my words.

Mankind still has not listened. He refuses to seek me in prayer and fasting. So be it. My judgments will continue to roll out.

My children do not pray against my judgments.

  1. They will not be heard
  2. This is disobedience on your part.

I expect more out of you. You all hear my voice. No excuses. Do not pray against my judgments!!

This is well earned. Blood has spilled on the land for generations. This world has murdered generations of my children. This will not go unpunished.

To the wicked: You do not care about anyone except yourselves and your comfort. Your warm beds are about to be removed while you sleep. You will wake up cold, in fear, and in darkness. Watch what I do.

Evil men will rule over the wicked. Forced martial law, vaccines and pestilence are only the beginning for you.

Repent! repent! repent! My love for mankind and my call will be unto you and tell your very last breath. That is my love and mercy for you. You must choose me to come to my Kingdom. You must turn from your wicked ways.

Hear my words: I will not give you details or information concerning my judgments. Your focus must be about me, not my judgments.

My remnant, my lovely bride, stay hidden for a little while. Your work begins very soon. Be ready, stay close to me during this time of testing. For your day will be glorious. Your joy overflowing with signs wonders and miracles as the masses come to me and accept me as Lord and savior.

Lo, I come quickly common even a to the end of the world.

Love Yeshua Hamashiach

Proverbs 6:10-12

Acts 2:3,38-40

Romans 9:22-25

Mark 8:11-21

John 3:16


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