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Do Not Go To Florida / Deadly Flu – Angel Falcione


Do Not Go To Florida / Deadly Flu

2020/09/15 at 7:22 PM
Angel Falcione

I have two dreams I want to share that I had in late spring early Summer.

First dream: I was sitting in a room that was all concrete with a metal door, like a prison room, and the door slammed shut. I was shown a large map of the USA and I heard a siren going off and Florida was outlined in red and it was blinking with the noise of the siren. I heard, “Do not go to Florida“.

Second dream: I saw a very dark storm coming in. The sky was producing black clouds at an excellerated speed that were descending down out of the sky, like a downwards volcanic eruption. I know that it was around Christmas time because I saw the decorations and lights. I heard someone saying with fear in their voice, “everyone is getting this flu and a lot of people are dying because of it”.


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