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Do not fear men, but trust Him

Jan 9, 2020 9:00 AM
This dream was given to me last month Dec 2019
My daughter and I were outside our home. A man like figure (I couldn’t recognize who but could see that this particular person was dark inside) was in front of me, I could feel his great hate and contempt. In the dream I didn’t say a word. I could see that God’s Spirit was inside me and that He was also by my side, watching the entire scene: I was peaceful and unafraid and so was my daughter. The man had come with a sort of trailer and in it was a woman who was handicapped and couldn’t really walk and another person waiting, sitting next to her. The man’s intention was to intimidate & humiliate me. I could tell that he was trying really hard to ruin my testimony in Christ. He asked me to take this woman to a birthday party and then took out a tissue that he had blown his nose on and showed it to my daughter, trying to provoke me to anger. Instead I remained calm and full of peace and so did my daughter. In the dream I accepted the man’s request without arguing or worrying about a thing, and I helped the handicapped woman walk to the birthday party and even though I wasn’t told where it was, somehow I knew because God was guiding me. The woman was grateful that I was helping her, I didn’t use the man’s trailer but instead God gave me the strength to help her walk wherever she needed to go. Afterwards the man who had showed me extreme hate and contempt became meek and mild and his entire composure had changed. I then saw myself sitting next to him in the trailer and there was no more hate coming from Him. End of dream.
God is telling me not to fear men, but trust Him instead, depending on Him for EVERYTHING in every situation. That many will try to throw God’s children off track to prove us wrong or to get us to revile back in self defense out of fear and pride. But we are not what they say we are, but what God says we are. We need to remember that without yielding to His Spirit we WILL fall! I felt so much peace and love in this dream, this is God’s power working in us if we let Him, if we die to self & our natural impulses, if we Trust Him, if we keep the Faith against all odds! Our battle is in the Spirit with Spiritual weapons. No Fear! Just the breastplate of Faith and Love as He tells us in the Bible. In the dream I didn’t have to defend myself, in fact I didn’t even speak! We will be tested more and more, we need to prepare ourselves. God is with us at all times! Just like He was able to completely turn around Paul the chief of sinner, He can use us to help turn people from their own way and return to Him instead through repentance and salvation, through a change of heart.
Let us remember that this life is not about us when we become God’s children. He cares greatly about the lost and misguided, the hurt and the wicked. Let us honor Him and not give in to our flesh, we never know how He might use us in any given situation to bring Him glory and save many from hell. Let us remember that without His Spirit and Truth we are wicked and lost too, therefore we are no better than anyone. God hates pride, when we are humble and recognize that without God’s Spirit we are a sinner too, that without dying to self we will hurt others too. God can work through our weaknesses, His Spirit is MIGHTY Love and power! Only in being humble can we have compassion on our brothers and sisters.
He also showed me that our kids are watching us and will reflect who we are when the tests come! This was not a coincidence that this happened outside my home. For our houses are our spiritual training ground! Everything starts inside the home, how we treat our own children, who will test our patience and push our buttons. God uses our children so that we may die to self more and more, and develop the fruit of the Spirit in our life and their life, if we ALLOW Him to do so, if we DIE to our own self-will and selfishness.


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