Do Not Fear! – June Sheltrown Reinke

Do Not Fear! – June Sheltrown Reinke

Posted on June 3, 2018

“Do not fear,” says the LORD.
“For this is not from Me. The enemy desires to destroy your peace by speaking threatening and tormenting thoughts.
Dismiss them, for I AM not speaking them to you or placing them in your mind. Think on good things, and entrust your future to Me.
For I have kept you in the past, and I will take care of you today, and forever. I have not even blinked, and you are never out of My sight, and your life is safely in My hands,” says the LORD.
“I AM your GOOD SHEPHERD, and you are My sheep. I cannot do bad things, and all that I have for you is good.
My Word is GOOD for you. Think on this and dwell on My love and meticulous care for you.
Remember the many things that I have already delivered you out of in the past and have that assurance that nothing is too difficult for Me to handle today and all your tomorrows.
I have everything, the known and unknown, in My control, and you are in the palm of My hands.
You are safe and secure in My loving hands that created you, provide for you, shelter you and embrace you.
Do not fear the future, for all is well in Me,” says the LORD.


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