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November 10, 2021 1:27 PM
Holy Spirit Fire Come

November 9th, 2021 7:58 am

While praying this morning, I heard in my spirit, “MOAB, do not enter“. I looked-up the word Moab in the dictionary and it means, BOMB. However, when I read about Moab in the book of Isaiah 15, God wanted to destroy it for its sins against him and this land oppressed his people. I could not find any worship of Yahweh in the land of Moab. The significance of the land of Moab is similar to Sodom & Gomorrah. The sinful city where Lot and his wife resided and she is turned into a pillar of salt. The wickedness of this city became legendary and most of us know it was destroyed by fire. So, when the lord spoke to me regarding Moab, I wasn’t aware how corrupt the land was until I started digging.

Moab was where Ruth was born. Great book to read too and if you already have, great, then you may know the story of her mother-in-law Naomi. Naomi never found favor in the lord, having lost her husband and two sons in Moab. Moab had a culture difficult to follow our Heavenly Father, therefore, making God’s people feel separated, spiritually comprised and easily deceived. The people in the land of Moab were worshipping idols and serving strange gods making them rebellious and sinful in the eyes of Yahweh. In Psalms 60:8 the Lord says, “Moab is my washout.” Meaning a filthy despised vessel used by slaves to wash the feet of their victor. Our world today appeals to our flesh, but in the end we feel hopeless and separated from Yahweh. Therefore, who is the victor?

Judgments to the land of Moab; Isaiah 15.

1. They had shortages to food, famine caused by drought.
2. They had shortage of FAITH, in the days when the judges ruled because they didn’t have kings. This is revealed in Judges 21:25, “Those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Men were not concerned with living according to Yahweh, they did what was right in their own eyes which was accepted in society. Now, isn’t this familiar, would you agree, this is how society is living today? Many are not concerned with what Yahweh has for them, they take care of their concerns in their own way. This does not please our heavenly Father. The Father wants us to consult him in everything, so he can bless us and give us favor in all things. However, doing this comes with Faith, and faith cannot be seen. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

3. Moab had a great shortage of FAVOR. Our favor of the lord comes with abiding in him and seeking his will, as we are his servants. When we seek other gods, living to feed our soul with things that satisfy our flesh, this does not glorify God. He is displeased with us. “God will remove his hand of favor and his people with suffer in his absence.” Romans 11:2-5. Moab turned from God, therefore there was going to consequences and they were not going to be protected by God. Sounds like the world we live in today doesn’t it? Our nation is suffering the famine of favor or Yahweh, by removing him from everything.

4. Moab had a great famine of HEARING from Yahweh. They couldn’t hear God speaking because they were too busy satisfying themselves with things that fed their flesh. Are we doing this again today? Can you hear his small voice or are you too busy? He is beckoning us to come, sit beside his son, Yahshua on the Mercy Seat in his Tabernacle and commune with him. “Father, the hour is come; glorify the Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee: As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should be give eternal life. To as many as thou hast given him. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” John 17:1-2

After reading about the land of Moab, the lord spoke to me,

Angela, my people do not understand that I created everything including the demonic to battle with them. This battle on earth allows a sifting and molding of my children that can only be done through trials and suffering. The journey to my promise land is a narrow road and a difficult path that only a few will find. Many have not kept my commandments, my sabbath and have eaten foods that defile their temple. Those of you who understand that you are not under my Law of Moses, but freely given-up things that appeal to your flesh are able to come into my Tabernacle and commune with me. Those of you searching for my Tabernacle, my Son Yahshua, the true vine that bearer of fruit, seek him! He will cleanse and purge you and taketh away the branches within you that need trimming. If you abide in him, you will find me, your Heavenly Father Yahweh (Hebrew for God) and I will abide in you.

If you do the things I command of you, we will be great friends and you my servant. I will send the true HOLY SPIRIT to abide in you and you will be baptize in FIRE. My Spirit shall comfort you and provide you with TRUTH. My Spirit will burn inside you and you will carry my Light. He will guide you in all TRUTH, for he shall speak only what he hears from me and speaketh to you. He shall share and warn you of the things to come. You have not chosen me, I have chosen you, and once ordained, you shall go forth and bring fruit in my name, and much shall be given.

I give you peace, as I send you forth,
Love Yahweh, the great IAM and Creator of ALL things.

Scriptures given for his word

Matthew 5
Revelation 21:25
Exodus 12:25
John 15: 1-11
John 15: 16
John 15:13
John 20:19-23

Unsure how to pray warfare prayers, our sister Julie has provided a wonderful example on her blog, Behold, I Am Calling You Now.

In summary, Yahweh wants us to enter his Tabernacle, this is a true place to commune with him. In the old testament, only the Priest could enter and access his Holy of Holies. Yah is offering this to us now, in the last days. He knows the wickedness on earth is beyond humans, just like in the days of Noah, Genesis 6. The fallen ones are here and they have taken over our government, towns and cities. Yahweh is our safe refuge, dwell in his Holy Place.

Rid yourself of sin, by fasting and praying. You won’t know what is holding you up from experiencing Yah without fasting because you are pre-ordained. The enemy knows which of us who are Yah’s last days ordained Priests. Therefore, seek Yahshua, the great healer, he will come to and provide freedom. He walked me through a complete deliverance of many things keeping me from Yahweh and my end-time assignment. If you are reading this, I am referring to you.

The world says you must be special to have a call or you must be a man to be a Priest. This Priesthood is in the Kingdom of Heaven. Man has used Yahweh’s word to make men powerful. All power comes from Yahweh. I am his vessel and nothing special, just willing to serve his Kingdom at any cost. I am surrendered. In the eyes of Yahweh and his son, Yahshua who went to the cross at Calvary, I am forgiven. All my sin were washed by Yahshua to enter the Tabernacle. Yah wants this for you as well. He has asked me to write this blog, and I am no writer, to invite you. The deception that you have to be holy or special to actually hear from Yahweh is a lie. He has so many treasures to share. If you experience anxiety like I did, this call from God will deliver you from anxiety!

Go all the way back to the beginning of your life and start there and ask Yahshua for healing. Ask him to Wash you, WASH you, Wash you again of all your wounds and lies you have believed about your life. The enemy uses the lies of abandonment, humiliation, inadequatence, lack of faith, not enough faith, perfection, shame, lack of authority, fellowship is not necessary, no one understands, God is only good sometimes, what you do doesn’t matter and so on. Recognizing the lies of the enemy is the best combat and will put these lies to death for good! Once you understand who you are in Christ the Messiah the enemy cannot keep you from the Father.

Also, your parents have failed you, but GOD! He knows, that if we had perfect parents, we would never seek him. Forgive your parents, forgive your sisters, brothers, friends, boss, so you can truly seek our Father in Heaven. He is our true FATHER! Once all earthly barriers are removed, step into his Tabernacle and worship him! The musical harp and tambourine are playing and the choir is singing, Hallelujah! They can’t wait for you to join us! Come now, come…..

Praying this Blesses you beyond measure,
Your sister in Christ, Angela



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