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Do Not Commit Suicide!

July 29, 2021 7:20 PM

July 29, 2021

Scriptural Reference: 1st Kings Chapter 31 Verse 4 (partial)
“... Then Saül took his sword and fell upon it.”

I AM did not create My Children so you could decide when you will leave this world, by your own hand. The evil one wants to destroy all you human beings. No one commits suicide except a demonic spirit has entered them and convinced them it is imperative to end their own life. The spirit of pride, is very often also involved, along with the demons assigned to drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, violence and abuse. Euthanasia is also a satanic horde of demons released in your generation.

Do Not Go Down This Path!

It may or may not lead to Hell, but no one has the right to kill themselves. In My Mercy, I AM will decide your fate, if you go down this twisted road.

Listen To Me Now!

In the dark days of the Tribulation that will follow, do not commit suicide, have faith, some will be martyrs. I AM will succor you if that is My Will for you, that you are one of My Holy Martyrs. But do not despair! I AM will always be with you, even unto the end of this world! Have Faith! Trust In God! Be At Peace!

Note: One of my sisters committed suicide last week. Pray for your loved ones that they complete their mission laid out from the beginning of time from the Eternal Father and never destroy themselves in suicide.


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