Do I Know You? – Angela García

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Do I know you?

July 21, 2023 11:08 PM
Angela García

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Hear the words of the Lord Child…

Who do they say I AM?

Do they truly have a personal relationship?

Do they know what that means?

Do they seek in prayer?

Do they read my words? Do they seek day and night? Are they at my feet? I see from above who seeks and seeks, who cries out to me with a pure, faithful heart . Where are my children? Lost in the world they love so much.

I will change that. This world will soon be desolate. I call my own home soon enough. Where are the Hearts? Be not lost my children. Wrath is not your portion but understand sin cannot enter my kingdom. Are you ready? Do I know you?

I tell you I know you not! How can I when you do not seek me, your Father! I AM your purpose. Have you found your purpose in this life? You have one job, one commission.

Are you faithful and true to me as I AM to you? Are you living for me as I died for you? Know me! Want me! Seek me! Love me! Serve me! I have Great and wonderful plans for you. It is a sad day when my people glorify sin over the Father. If you deny me, I will deny you before my father. Be not dismayed

I come quickly and my reward according to your works will I distribute ♥️

I AM that I AM the lover of your soul

Yeshua the Messiah

The Alpha and Omega Jesus, the Christ

Great is my faithfulness

Matthew 6:13

Jeremiah 29:13

Matthew 23:38

1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Romans 12:19

Matthew 28:16

Matthew 10:33

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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