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DJT Return – Estheradonai


DJT Return

November 20, 2021 3:06 PM

This is a dream I was given on Sept 13th in the early morning. I was then given a vision on 9/14 which I believe is connected to this dream. Thanks

I am in a place with long wooden benches

It looks like a big dining place like in schools. More like an older traditional British school.

DJT is sitting behind me and he hands me what appears to be important papers. We both get up to go. Before we leave he asks me if I have read them.

I say no. All of a sudden we are outside and it is night time. DJT runs towards his car and he has security. There is danger.

I am not targeted. Then I am back at my house. DJT is also there in a room to rest.

Before I go to see him. I feel embarrassed because my home is humble. However, the toilet room is disgusting. I have to spend time cleansing it and hosing down the walls as it is so filthy.

After I try to clean the entire bathroom, I go to see DJT. He was resting and just got up. He is in civilian clothes.

I sit next to him. It appears I am playing the part of his confidante However, I am thinking of Melania and wondering why she is not with him while he is in hiding.

The following day on 9/14 I go into my garden and see a vision.

I see DJT walking on a red carpet and there are thousands of people cheering on the side… like he is a celebrity. His face is radiant. He is covered with light. Next I see him being taken up in the air. It is day time now. He loop de loops for a few mins till he gets to the throne of heaven!

He then kneels before the Father and is pronounced the True king. The President of the United States of America!

I also hear a date 11/21. I believe something significant will happen tomorrow. As watchers we watch and see what will occur.


444News Note:

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact



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