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Dividing Jerusalem: MegaQuake on the New Madrid – Shane Caldeira

Dividing Jerusalem

MegaQuake on the New Madrid

Sep 18, 2019, 11:41 PM
Shane Caldeira
Just passing this along as a watchman on the wall.
Shalom in Yeshua Jesus
In 2008, John Kilpatrick had an intense dream/vision (Acts 2:17) of an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line in the middle of the USA. He believes that is what will happen when the American Government tries to divide the land of Israel and Jerusalem as judgment from God (Zechariah 12 – Cup of Trembling).

Seems as though the Christian prophecies are correct, President Trump apparently is trying to divide Israel with a two state Solution and break the Abrahamic covenant concerning the Holy land. This would cause God to cut America into pieces according to Zechariah 12. Perhaps that is why we see the great division and ungodliness increase in America.
9/14/2019 – Article Excerpts
U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan would divide Jerusalem, Yamina Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked said in an interview Saturday night, three days before Israelis head to the polls. (For the latest election polls – click here)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “only talked about the carrots of the Trump plan, he didn’t mention the sticks,” Shaked told Channel 12’s Meet the Press program. “He didn’t talk about how they’re going to divide Jerusalem. The plan includes giving East Jerusalem neighborhoods to the Palestinians.”
The former justice minister also said that the plan would entail some Jewish settlements falling under Palestinian Authority sovereignty. When asked how she knows this, as only the economic section of the Trump administration’s plan has been released thus far, Shaked responded: “I know.”

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