Divide and Conquer! – Laura Gagnon

By Laura Gagnon

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Divide and Conquer!

Our nation is divided. Political agendas reach a stalemate where neither party can effectively negotiate with one another and all paths to progress result in a deadlock. How does one bring two opposing parties into agreement with one another that they might work towards a common goal? I believe the discovery of that answer can be found in the tremendous wisdom of General Sun Tzu’s unrelenting approach to military strategies.

While President Trump is a master in the art of negotiating a deal, General Sun Tzu was a master in the art of war. It becomes necessary to incorporate the wisdom and strategy of both approaches in order to solve what appears to be impossible situations. Let us also remember that our Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate war strategist, as He is known as the Captain of the Lord’s Army, (Joshua 5:13-15). As wise and effective as General Tzu was, it was ultimately the wisdom of God that allowed him to understand the strategies of war.

Joshua was a great military leader because he was also a strategist. He found it necessary to survey the situation at Jericho before proceeding. This was a task that was outside his scope of expertise. Jericho was the perhaps the best fortified city of Canaan, and Joshua’s army severely lacked the necessary weaponry to penetrate the high stone walls protecting the inhabitants within. He needed a strategy to remove the walls of protection that kept the enemies within safe. Any adversary that is behind fortified walls of protection can seem invincible – yet, God alone held the key to the strategy that was needed to not only penetrate the enemy’s force field but to ultimately tear it down completely and leave the inhabitants of Jericho fearful and vulnerable.

Washington D.C. and the political powers that have long been established can seem like an impossible situation; a modern-day Jericho. Jesus warned us that that way to divide the enemy’s house and take possession of his goods was to first bind the strongman, (see Matthew 12:29, Mark 3:27). President Trump needs strategic prayers to help divide the enemy’s fortified house so that it can be conquered. Some might say that trying to win that battle is too difficult; that it is facing mountains of opposition that will never move, but the things that are impossible with man are possible with God. Many people are praying for unity, but it’s also important to understand that the enemy has quite a different agenda and is not interested in unity. The war for power is always a war for dominion, and who will be in control. These power struggles make cooperation and unity almost impossible because the people involved have very different agendas and very different goals. There are some that have no intention of doing what is best for the American people, and it’s important to recognize that spirit for what it is. Jesus also warned that one cannot serve two masters because of opposing interests and loyalties that were opposed to one another. One cannot expect unity and cooperation to come willingly from those that have a different master. Their goals and their gods are not the same. With that said, please understand that the prayer below is to address those that have partnered with evil, corruption and may even have the appearance of good, but have been set in place by the enemy to prevent and hinder the things God has for this nation to bring about healing our land. The Captain of the Lord’s Army is never on the side of corruption, oppression and those that align themselves with an anti-Christ system.

We cannot overcome an enemy that continues to have a formidable force field of defense in place. In prayer, we must attack the shields that have given our adversaries the edge. Strategic prayer allows us to remove their ability to withstand cooperation in obtaining advantageous goals for our nation. We must seek God for strategies in the natural as well as in the spiritual realm that effectively removes all of their leverage.

General Sun Tzu has said that when a person in charge fights in his own territory it is dispersive ground. This means that they can always run back to some form of a safe refuge. They can run home to find help, comfort, safety or allies. They don’t really feel the desperation that is necessary to sufficiently motivate them to be fully committed to the cause. The strategy then, is to pray that those places of refuge would be removed so that the adversary is sufficiently humbled and motivated to surrender and cooperate with God’s delegated authority over our nation, (President Trump).

As Sun Tzu points out, “any ground on which either side has liberty of movement is open ground.” In order to effectively defeat an enemy, you must restrain his ability to move. You must take away his options. He must be sufficiently motivated to cooperate and surrender to the General of the opposing army. As on a chessboard, you must put your opponent into checkmate. ‘The person who can hold this dominating position can constrain others into becoming allies.’ – Sun Tzu

The Lord has also shown me that we must take authority over the power of spiritual forces that are manipulating governments, world rulers, and nations. Men full of selfish ambition and a lust for power are sometimes not even the faces of those we see in the news or in the public eye; are literally the face of the strongman hidden from view but they have the financial power to influence leaders of nations. They serve their own gods and their own ambitions. Much of this power comes from secret societies. It can be easy to focus our prayers on what we see, such as conflicts and certain situations reported on the news, rather than on behind-the-scenes forces in the unseen realm. Secret societies such as the Freemasons and Illuminati are not so secret anymore, and their agenda to bring about a New World Order is plainly understood by many people. The Knights Templar are another similar organization that have been around since medieval times. These secret societies as well as others such as Rosicrucians, the Bilderberg and the Elders of Zion that are perhaps less known to the mainstream public, but each believes that their desired end justifies the means by which they conduct their affairs. They are a part of an anti-Christ system that brings division and a perversion of truth. They oppose everyone and everything that has an agenda different than their own, and they seek to overthrow the men and women appointed by God to public office. If they cannot overthrow them and succeed in removing them from office, then they seek to hinder them in any way possible. In the political realm these adversaries work to stalemate progress, cause disunity in political parties and make it difficult to establish bipartisanship. It’s really important to recognize that many of these people are under the influence of the enemy, and motivated by that anti-Christ spirit. There are many powerful, wealthy and influential members of these organizations that end up controlling world events, and they are in league with the devil.

These unseen forces don’t just control political pawns; they also affect the spiritual climate in which we live. When you see the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit shut down in churches, and the gift of prophecy non-existent in the church – it’s because of spiritual forces manipulating their pawns in that atmosphere. That is why the enemy is able to set up adversaries in every conceivable realm: the workplace or financial systems, the education system, the church, and politics.

What is obvious is that it is impossible to build with people whose loyalties are divided and those that support a very different cause. This is not about which political party people identify with, but whom people will serve. God’s military commander, Joshua, became frustrated with the double-mindedness of the people and their lack of commitment. In chapter 24 of Joshua, he approached the people with a prophetic word from God. He reminded the people of where they came from and how their ancestors had served other gods, but God destroyed those other gods and brought His people out of bondage. Time and again, Joshua spoke the words of God, reminding them of past victories. It was the God of Israel that proved His power and might against the hand of their enemies. He reminded them of the goodness of God, His blessing and generous provision towards them before asking them to once again consider whom they were aligned with and whom they would serve. By the time you read verse 14, Joshua demands the people make a decision and stick with it.

Elijah also gave a similar speech to the false prophets of his day. He told them to stop wavering between two opinions and make up their mind who they would serve. He told them to make a decision as to whether or not they were on the LORD’S side. Because those who weren’t, were not going to win. They would lose badly and end up paying the price for their decision.

People sometimes lose sight of which god they are serving and whose side they are really on. It can feel very personal to feel driven to support and defend one’s own causes, pet projects and personal agendas. Those in the political realm, especially Washington D.C. are well aware that money talks, and is the power behind a lot of closed door meetings. The love of mammon is indeed the root of all evil. However, if any of those things that people are trying to accomplish are not what God can and would support or defend, then they are wasting their time because they are attempting to establish something outside of God’s will. If God is not on board with it, that ship is already sunk. How does a person know if God is for or against something they stand for?

Let’s take a moment to review. God does not support abortion. He does not support oppression of women, children and minorities. He does not support or defend bribery, corruption, elitism or religious extremism. He does not support anti-semitism or an anti-Christ system that believes in a New World Order with Baphomet, Molech and Baal being promoted as the gods of America. He does not support oppressive, unjust laws that deprive people of their freedoms. When in doubt, turn to the Bible and see how God has handled similar situations in the past.

God understands the need for security and protection against foreign (and domestic) intruders and those that can pose a threat to private citizens. God is all about boundaries because He established them. He is also for fair and equitable treatment of everyone, so long as others treat His people in a similar fashion. God loves righteousness, equity and justice. He does what’s right and He sets things right. He delights in those who do the same things. It’s time to make a decision, because there is only one winning side, and that is God’s side. It’s foolishness to take a side that opposes God because it’s a guaranteed fail.

The question is, “What allows the opposition to withstand the man God has put in the White House as the Commander in Chief?” The answer is simple: NOTHING. Nothing, except for the wisdom to carry out the right strategy, and for the blueprints of that strategy to be made clear to the winning team. (Those on God’s side!) THE LORD IS NOT WITH THOSE WHO OPPOSE HIM. Let us remember what God’s word promises: “They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,” declares the LORD. (Jeremiah 1:19). “No weapon formed against you shall prevail and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,” (Isaiah 54:17). Again, let me reiterate: This is not about one political party or another. This is about which god people serve. They are either serving Jesus Christ and His principles established in His word, or they are serving the enemy.

Those who have positioned themselves against the people of God have set themselves against God himself. Through wickedness and corruption, they have provoked God to leave them. No one can be safe when God has departed from them! Our adversaries are vulnerable and their weaknesses are exposed. It doesn’t matter how strong and fortified they may think they are; the reality is actually the complete opposite. Our prayers must now hit them in their vulnerable places between the joints of armor, just as the skilled archer hit King Ahab between the joints of his armor and took him out of the battle. The king was struck in a vulnerable, unprotected place and that was the end of him. God, let Your arrows of prayer find their mark so that our enemies cannot rise up again! Those that fight on God’s side shall be hidden under His protective wing, according to Psalm 91. He is a stronghold in the day of battle. God is our refuge, a very source of strength and help in a time of trouble. Psalm 46:1. Therefore, let us pray:

Dear Heavenly Father,

You alone are our source of wisdom and confidence. We know that taking possession of our land is not because of our intelligence, our worthiness or our righteousness. In so many ways, we as a nation of people have departed from Your ways and we cannot claim any righteousness of our own. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can impute any righteousness to us. We are grateful that You have called us and claimed us as Your own children, and that Your mercy towards us is great. We thank You for the grace of God and Your benevolent favor that enables us to overpower our adversaries. We seek You now, O God, and ask for You to send Your help to overcome every enemy – on land, in the air, in the sea and under the earth, and in every place where we may not think to ask.

Father, as I return Your word to You in prayer, let Your angles be released to carry out the fulfillment of Your promises. Let the weapons of Your armory be released to tear down the fortified walls that protect our adversaries and allow evil plans to continue.

Let the anti-Christ spirit and the perverse spirit working in the political realm be bound, paralyzed and impotent. I release the Spirit of Truth according to 1 John 4:4 to lead people into truth. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to give President Trump divine wisdom and strategy to effectively remove the opposition that withstands unity, for it is written in Luke 21:15 is that You will give Your people a mouth filled with wisdom that all our adversaries cannot contradict nor resist. It is also written in Psalm 81:10 “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” When President Trump opens his mouth to speak, I ask Your Holy Spirit to fill him with divine words, prophetic insight, wisdom and words of knowledge that will effectively remove every form of resistance in his adversaries. Let Your Holy Spirit and the gifts of Your Spirit flow freely in and through him, and empower him in the work You have called him to fulfill on behalf of the American people.

I ask You, Father, to remove every form of refuge and alliance that Your adversaries would rely on to give them strength and a sense of unity according to Your word in Psalm 142:4.

I declare You have removed all their allies far from them and You have made them an object of loathing to one another according to Psalm 88:8.

I declare those who oppose You, O God, and those who oppose the man You have set in office will look for sympathy but find none, according to Psalm 69:20.

I declare You have removed lover and friend far from all Your adversaries, according to Psalm 88:18.

I declare every opponent to truth, righteousness, justice and equity will find no man to stand with them, as it is written in 2 Tim. 4:16.

I declare that those that reproach the living God, Jesus Christ, will reap the fruits of what they have sowed, according to Galatians 6:7.

I declare that those that oppose unity, righteousness, goodness and justice are divinely restrained according to 2 Kings 19:28, because their arrogance and raging has come up before You, O God. Let Your hook be put in their nose, Your bridle in their lips, and let them be turned back by the way that they came, in Jesus name.

I declare that those who connive and conspire against the Lord Jesus Christ and against the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, who has been appointed to be put in power for such a time as this; let Your hand intervene in every attempt to overthrow those You have appointed for righteous leadership. For it is written in Psalm 75:7, “It is God who judges; He brings one down and exalts another.” Also in Daniel 2:21 it is written that You depose kings and raise up kings. You give wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.”

I declare that those that practice witchcraft and rebellion against the Lord and against President Trump, his family and administration, against those You have appointed to do good in Congress, the Senate, the justice system and among the political realm will now find themselves in utter confusion. Let their ability to strategize and communicate with one another be confused according to Genesis 11:7.

I declare over every adversary that the yoke of their transgressions is bound upon their necks by Your hand, O God, and You have made their strength fail according to Lamentations 1:14. You have delivered them into the hands of those whom they are not able to withstand, namely the President of the United States, and the hands of our God, the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank You, Father, that You have You have made every adversary Your footstool and the power of evil is crushed in Jesus name.

Father, use the unraveling of the opposition to turn their hearts towards You. Let them be ashamed of their actions and truly repent in earnest. I ask that Your Holy Spirit would deeply convict their heart that they would cry out, “What must I do to be saved?” Put it in their heart to call on the name of Jesus to be saved, and when they do, let them find Your gracious provision for a new beginning. Bring them out of darkness and into the kingdom of God. Give them the desire to be saved.

Father, let Your power and assistance continually be extended to President Trump, his family and his cabinet to enable righteousness to be established in this nation. Let them receive the revelation they need so that they stand with him and with Your will, that they might work in unity towards establishing righteousness and justice in our land. In Jesus name, amen.

Laura Gagnon at 7:27 PM


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