Diver Down! – Benjamin Faircloth

Diver Down! – Benjamin Faircloth

September 16, 2018

“America you have passed the point of no return! Gone are the days of innocency and ignorant bliss. You are fully aware of your sinful state! Blinded and deafened by your lewdness and folly, you reject Truth and abandon Holiness. What shall I do with a people of rebellion? What more shall I say to a perverse, wicked, and backslidden people? I will say that it is time to meet your Creator as Lord and Judge! You have been weighed in My balances and you have been guilty! Guilty of fraud, perjury, and perverting that which is Holy into a profane use! I AM here! I AM knocking at your door America! I AM here, but you refuse to answer Me and to open your hearts. There is healing in My Hands and Life in My Breath, but you will have none of this! You’ve charted your course, your sails have been set, no one will be able to save you from your path of destruction! You have gone too far, too deep, to reach up and receive My Helping Hand! America, I warned you, I have called you, but you have rejected My Truth, now you will see what it is like to reject life!” (Scripture reference for this message is Romans 8)

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