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Discernment of Demons in People vs My Love

February 9, 2024 9:15 AM

Rhema Given to me 8am 2-9-24

Jeremiah 27:9a

“But as for you, do not listen to your prophets, your diviners, your dreamers, your soothsayers or your sorcerers who speak to you…”

False prophets do not get their messages from Word, which is the only Truth. False prophets work for their own gain, just as sorcerers – diviners – dreamers – soothsayers… they all use witchcraft of manipulation for self-gain. They, without conscience, use the sheep for their own gain and glory. You can see them bask in the praise of people, it is what they want. Like Narcissists, who are filled with satan’s works (they steal, kill, destroy people for self-gain) are the modern-day demon-filled people, children of the devil…. Proof is in the fruit. My people do not take the time to discern. You must seek Me and learn to discern. You must love Me, The Lamb of God Who GAVE UP ALL I was entitled to on this earth for YOUR SOUL… love Me MORE THAN any person in your life, because I said to turn away from those who are self-lovers. Any who tell you to stay around and agree with those who sin are not of Me. Yes forgive, yes be kind to your enemies as I give opportunity. But to fellowship with the wicked only causes the wicked to believe they are okay in their sin. If you enable other’s sin, you are not being obedient to Me. I know, modern religious teachings, commands of men – say that forgiving the wicked means it is ok to associate with them. Is this not a twist of My Truth? Let Me teach you.

In modern days, it is hard to recognize those possessed by demons because religious people have downplayed your enemy. Did demons go away or stop possessing people? No. Paul warned and wept for 3 years warning the church about the wolves who were to enter the church and lead many astray.

Who do the wolves serve and what is their purpose? They ALWAYS LIE. To mix lies with Word, for that is how Satan operates. It is not the ¼ of seed that fell onto the pathway that satan is most concerned about. Those rejected Word and choose to walk according to him as it is. It is those who have heard Truth of Jesus’ Gospel and Salvation, have accepted it/claim to value Jesus Christ as Lord, whom Satan causes to trip if possible. The ¾ of those people who received My Truth, those who feel My tug, calling to them. Many are called. Many. Indeed, I died for ALL WHO WILL COME TO ME IN SURRENDER.

I said that the world loves its own. Yes the world is in many churches, can you not recognize this?

It is those who seek God who will be railed against. Satan cannot overcome My Gospel. I made a show of him on the cross and gained victory for all men over the power of the enemy. Indeed, those filled with Holy Spirit, Who abides in those who obey/love Me and My commands, have authority over all the power of the enemy. But one has to be able to “see/recognize” the enemy. Apart from Word of God we cannot. Holy Spirit gives His discernment to those who know The Lord. All self must be submitted to God, bc s uses human emotion, feelings, thoughts to cause distraction and doubt, etc. Certainly in modern days there are many things that distract us from Truth. Many Christians know about demons, but false teachers have poo-pooed away the idea that demons are active in many people. Many who will say to Me, “Lord, Lord”.

With Holy Spirit discernment, one will be able to see. My kings and priests see evil and do not partake in it. Mine are to be judging with righteous judgement, believers are not to drag each other to courts of this world. Is there no one who understands? Mine, against whom there is no law because they are IN ME and walk according to My Spirit, fruit, gifts… these I train to shun evil and turn evil away from the midst of you. I did not say to stay in relation to one in sin, I said to kick them out so that they would repent. If you enable sin, how will the sinner repent? They never will repent that way, when you love them with carnal, worldly (demonic wisdom) love. Why do you doubt and kick against MY WAYS and insist on YOUR OWN WAYS? Is this not disobedience and uplifting your own understanding above Me? Repent and learn what My love is. Mine do not sit in the seat of the scoffer. All through Word I tell Mine to depart from those who show fruit of unrighteousness, carnal fruit: they walk according to the flesh, which I have clearly spelled out in My Word. I said to turn away from such. But preachers don’t teach this, do they? Will you obey your preacher or Me? Seek ME, not him! You glean from godly people, yes…but IN ME you do not need a human to teach you anything, did I not say this? Do you believe Me? Come to Me. Let My Living Waters flow out of you. My Truth. Yes many many will condemn you. So what? Are they your Savior? Is there any who can compare to ME, Father God, Creator of all that exists? Why bow to anyone else, even your own understanding? ONLY I HAVE THE WATER OF LIFE.

What is a prominent trait among those who love darkness in our modern day? Narcissism and all the evil that it entails. If one studies the traits and character of those who 2 Timothy 3, they are called by the world Narcissists: they are their own gods and you can tell by their fruit… here are a few I will highlight: Narcissists have/are:

Seared consciences: no remorse, no repentance to never abuse again

Liars: and My children know who the father of lies is. Society today minimizes lying, even believers joke about it. I never minimize lying, for it is the primary characteristic of Satan and his ministers. No liars will walk on the streets of New Jerusalem. I said NONE. Not even little white liars…that is like saying there is such a thing as dark and light magic… if it is an abomination to Me, it is an abomination for My children who FOLLOW in their Father’s ways.

Narcissists are like false prophets which are like sorcerers. Why? They use witchcraft over people to gain what they want. Isn’t this what MANIPULATION is all about? Narcissists have huge tool boxes of devices they use to cause people to worship them.

Manipulation for self-gain is as witchcraft. False teachers and false prophets do this very thing. Sorcerers they are to Me. They cause sheep to become blind. If these sheep worship these people and not me, these sheep will perish forever as will these self-worshippers.

One example:

Gossip – many blind sheep (flying monkey enablers of the narcissist’s sin) drink this gossip and believe it. Do you believe everything you hear? Why? If someone is gossiping, remember that they are showing you THEIR disobedience to Word. Why would you agree so easily with their disobedience. If you don’t stop a gossiper, you partake in and say that their disobedience to Word is ok. That is is okay to join with this wicked person to murder the character of someone else. Social media has made it easy to promote these sins.

How many of those who claim Me, Jesus Christ as their LORD, yet the easily, quickly, immediately join in with the wicked? MANY don’t stand against those who gossip because obeying Word will bring persecution, especially from a narcissistic person. Lovers of self. They ONLY love themselves, in fact their ‘love’ is not the kind Father God gives in His Holy Spirit fruit. What satan and the world call love is not MY LOVE. If you enable these wicked people, YES I SAID WICKED because they say they represent Me yet they lie to and manipulate Mine to be tempted to agree with sin. If you agree with sin, you open doors from demonic activity -temptations, etc., into your own life Did I not say to be careful even whom you lay hands upon? To watch yourself, and humble before Me before helping another with their sin, careful that you DO NOT TAKE ON THEIR SINS or be tempted by their sin? WHY would I warn Mine in such a way? Do I waste My breath? No, it is easier for people to follow what tickles their ears…but My Spirit will help those who obey Me.

2 Timothy 3 describes what modern day people call a narcissist. Because their god is their own self, they are filled with demons. I said where selfish ambitions and jealousies are – EVERY EVIL IS THERE. The churches ignore this in order to gain as much as they can on this earth. This IS their paradise. Mine can discern this. Mine know that they can live with nothing in this world, because trusting Me is more precious than relying on the arm of the flesh, like relying on Egypt or horses and chariots and not in MY NAME. Then I am NOT your God, am I, if you trust in the flesh?

Self-worshipping people (world calls them narcissists)… worship their self, and satan rushes in to assist with their self-inflation. Satan temps many believers to FALL because they AGREE WITH the narcissist by accepting their invitation to sin and disobey God. Anyone who would destroy another person in any way is certainly NOT walking in God’s love. So who are they obeying then? Who is their father?

Discernment is needed. Separate from their sins and repent of ever enabling these murderers, liars who abuse their families, even their children they train to be sons of satan as they are. Stop running to people to teach you. In Me you will know who is safe to listen to…one clue: they will have MY attributes, they will bear My fruit. Do you see why you must know My Word and seek Me? Humans are easily swayed by the flesh. You must be strong in Word… is not My Word to be written on your hearts and minds, which brings My Peace to your hearts and minds? You learn contentment with what I give you and you will learn to love My Word, ME, More than this life. Your carnal self must remain dead. Your cross is carried by you as I carried Mine. There is much cost to following Me, enduring, overcoming. But when you realize that nothing in this life is greater than knowing ME, you also will see how this world grows dim. In Me, the things of this world will grow unattractive to you.

The sons of God will stand against sin, and will be recognized as those who bear Father God’s Light which is Truth which is Word of God, our Lord Jesus. In these last days, may the sons of God rise and engage in the battle. It could be as simple as saying to a gossiper: “Word says not to join with those who gossip. How are you praying for this person, for none of us are perfected yet?” Perhaps they will repent of their gossiping, and you have gained a brother. They will step from death to life. This is My love working through you as you speak My Truth in My Love.

Children of The Kingdom, walk according to Word and Holy Spirit. Ask for discernment from Holy Spirit and Word of God (Both Whom intercede for you at this moment!). Walk in Truth, speak Truth (WORD) in Love.

My Love. My love is obeying Me. When I say withdraw from, do not greet – sit with -eat with, do not have as your companions, do not assemble with the wicked… you must discern that wicked tares are all around you and those who defend them are against Me.

Learn how My fruit IS DIFFERENT THAN what the world gives.

My Love: corrects, exhorts, encourages, snatches some out of the fire as I direct, disciplines. My Love is self-sacrificing… I died for you, gave all One can for His friends… if you call Me Lord, you know that I require you to die for Me also. The carnal self must submit to My Word so that My Spirit can live in you and teach you great and mighty things of which you do not know. Jer 33:3. My love is aligned with MY WILL.

Worldly love: based on carnal understanding, carnal feelings-emotions-thoughts of the old (supposed to be dead) man, selfish not self-sacrificing – carnal worldly fruit aligns with SELF WILL. The world plays on your emotions and causes dissentions when you don’t get what you think you deserve from people. Then to manipulate or punish people for not getting what you feel entitled to (according to what the world tells you) – is this not witchcraft, manipulation, in order to satisfy your flesh?

You decide. Come talk with Me about all of this. Yes, people who call themselves believers can operate for Satan’s glory. If this life is to be your paradise, then it is all you will receive. Come OUT of the world’s philosophies and away from the false teachers and prophets who are as witches before Me, sprinkling sin, causing those who would know Me to sin. Like Balaam, they cast stumbling blocks before those who want to know Me, and they do this for money, notoriety, material things – SELF GAIN. This in NOT MY LOVE. So your flesh may pout, but in the end, will you submit your SELF and all the ways of the world, in the churches and out, to My Word? It is your responsibility to seek Me. If you do not, how will you know My will, and gain My discernment? Seek Me. Drop the ways of the world taught in the churches.

You are warned.

My sons will rise up and run with Me.

The King, The Lord, Messiah, Redeemer, Merciful One says: come to Me, I have all you need.

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