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Discern the Times – Amanda White

Discern the Times

January 20, 2021 1:38 AM
Amanda White

Dream | 1.18.21 @ 7:33 A.M.

In this dream there was a huge football stadium, all colors were only black and silver (besides the people who were filling the seats). The stadium was jammed packed as if COVID-19 didn’t exist, with no one wearing masks. In the audience was someone who stood out to me, and to the left of him was four different types of extraterrestrial aliens. The featured entertainment on the stage was an alien that NASA and the federal government was announcing and exposing to America.

From a bird’s eye view, I saw the man I noticed earlier (next to the aliens) look at the alien that resided on the stage and said to the four aliens next to him “Oh look, that is a real alien!” He had a big genuine smile on his face, yet seemed shocked at the same time, since he was witnessing such an eye-opening event. It was my belief that the aliens sitting next to him were really robots and animatronics, yet they were offended when he made this statement about the alien on stage, as if they were capable of withholding emotion.

My view shifted to a closer look at the alien on stage, which looked like it came from a very old black and white film, and was completely fake looking- yet everyone believed he was real. I was in complete disbelief that the entirety of the audience couldn’t discern what was truly happening right in front of them, especially when the fraud and lies were in plain sight.

After everyone gawked at the entertainment, I heard the Holy Spirit say loudly to all “LIGHTS OUT!!!”. Immediately all the lights went out at once, as if there was one master kill switch- and the lights went out on all of America.


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