Disasters and death – Neville Salvetti

Disasters and death

2020/01/05 at 6:18 PM
Neville Salvetti

A disaster happens and people say how terrible it is that people lose everything but their life.
Disasters are God’s way of getting our attention to remove the comfortable life style a person is living in at that tie and is often the only way a person can be removed from their comfortable lifestyle that is keeping them from the Christian lifestyle they need to live.

God is merciful in that He removes all that hinders their knowing Him how they should and does not remove their life so that they have a chance to repent. This is why so many disasters will occur before the tribulation proper and is one reason the three great revivals that make up the final harvest will occur.

If Christians do die they say how tragic it is that they died.

A Christian in their death gains everything they live for so their death should be a time of rejoicing for them. Besides to say it is a tragedy is to say God has made a mistake in the timing of their death.
We know there are no accidents with God so their death is not an accident as far as God is concerned.
So Jesus asks:

“When a disaster and/or death occurs do you look upon it as a tragedy or something I am in control of so it is a part of my perfect Will.”

Neville Salvetti 6 March 2020


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  1. Tim Wyman

    This word is so very true. To this very day people (Christians also) do not comprehend why Jesus told the would-be disciple who wanted to bury his father, “Let the dead bury the dead. Follow me!”

    I pray that all would hear.

  2. Yes it is God’s will if we are obeying the Lord but if we are not walking with Jesus he can take us Christians home early. That is why it is so important we pray and obey the Lord in EVERYTHING not some things EVERYTHING! The days we are living in are very evil and will get worse up until the return of Christ. God bless you. Stay safe in Jesus!!

  3. Rita

    January 7, 2020 – “Bodies in unexpected places, Hospital morgues full in Ottawa, union says”

    October 1, 2018- “Over 80,000 Americans Died of Flu Last Winter, Highest Toll in Years”

    August 8, 2017- Canadian government asks funeral homes to prep for pandemic

    While Canadian health officials have extensive plans to ensure people survive a future influenza pandemic, they’ve also made macabre recommendations for the nation’s funeral homes for those who don’t.

    “In a pandemic, each individual funeral home could expect to handle about six months work within a six- to eight-week period,” the Public Health Agency of Canada warns on a web page about the management of mass fatalities during a pandemic flu.

    1918- “Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?”


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