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Dire Warnings for the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Ronald Reagan

Jan 6, 2020 8:07 PM

Today I felt led to post on some messages I had recently received. However, before I could complete it, I was interrupted (I had to pick someone up) and by the time I returned home it appeared the message was going to go in a different direction.
I believe the timely message the Holy Spirit wants me to share is on both the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Ronald Reagan warships. Based on all I have seen, the names of the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Ronald Reagan may soon resurface again.

This is a breakdown of what I received from the Holy Spirit. Again, the messages I receive are primarily through names and numbers.

12.27.19 I saw the name Reagan while at work (the name was literally staring at me underneath a pile of papers) and the name Lincoln three times while online. My tablet also turned itself on at 11:01 p.m. The device is not on a timer or alarm (I checked). I had also made a note that I saw a rainbow that day. (Rainbows serving not just as a reminder of God’s covenant not to destroy the earth by water again but also to point to the coming tribulation Jesus spoke of…”as it was in the days of Noah”). I also saw the numbers 555 on a vehicle license plate which means to “behold, take notice”.

12.28.19. While out shopping, a car cut in front of me. The license plate was 911. Later another vehicle cut in front of me and I saw 111 on the license plates, a prophetic number of judgment.

12.29.19. I saw the time 9:11a.m. when I glanced at my phone. On the road I noted 111 on the license plate of a passing vehicle. At the midnight hour 11:01 p.m. my tablet turned itself on.

12.30.19. While at work I was listening to an End Times You Tuber. The video was done and before I had a chance to stop it, the next video came on right after. I was stunned to hear as part of the title, the name “Abraham Lincoln”.

12.31.19 in my spirit I heard “SOON”. I was on the road and a vehicle passed by with a 111 license plate. I happened to glance at my phone and it was 11:11 p.m. which I found alarming as it seemed to denote a progression or escalation of the late hour we were in.

1.1.20. I saw the name “regan” on a car license plate which I took as pointing to the battleship “Ronald Reagan”. Right after I saw that, I parked next to a vehicle which had a 911 license plate. Later in the day I had another 111 vehicle license plate sighting.
1.2.20 my tablet turned itself on.

1.3.20. While at work I saw the name ‘lincoln’, the time 9:11 and 911 on a car license plate. As usual my tablet turned on by itself.

1.4.20. I saw the name ‘lincoln’ again and noted for the upteenth time my tablet turn itself on.

1.6.19. Today I saw a big rainbow high up in the sky even though there was no rain. In the middle of posting on this site, I had to leave home to give a family member a ride. On my way to my destination I was waiting in back of a truck, apparently for a long time, because I started staring at the back of the truck. As the words came together I felt a shock. The name on the back of the pickup truck was L- I- N- C- O – L – N in dark letters, barely readable. I then preceded to pick up my passenger. When this family member got in the back of the car he struck up a conversation with me. I guess the Holy Spirit wanted to ensure I got the message because when this individual started talking it was about …you guessed it….Abraham Lincoln. I was at a loss for words. When I got home I quickly changed my original post to what you’re reading now.

These are what I believe are dire warnings from the Holy Spirit. I pray that we keep the men and women of the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Ronald Reagan in serious prayer as it appears we are drawing closer to the hour of their redemption.


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