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Did I not say…

June 24th 2021

The Lord spoke to me this word as I started to listen to Benjamin Faircloth’s message and it’s confirmation https://youtu.be/BVhRleL3wrc

As in the days of Noah as in the days of Lot, those chosen to build an ark of refuge and those told to flee.

Have I not called unto you to build my ark? Have I not planted a seed to do my will. Have I not provided you my instructions for the many that shall com unto you in the hour of destruction. That hour lies in wait, it is at the door, the rain and the floods are coming and many shall be washed away, those who do not dwell upon my mountain.

I have made a way for the many, I have gone before them to prepared a place for them. There is no safe place in the earth, there is no peace in the earth.
All that I have spoken unto you shall come forth like the dawning of a new day it will be seen. What I have spoken to you in the night shall be shouted from the rooftops, what was hidden will be seen.

I am coming to show my people who is their God, they have forgotten me, they no longer know me. Will I find any faith in the earth, who will I find awake at the day of my arrival? I’m coming down and I shall walk among my camp. Did I not say my Kingdom Come, did I not say on earth as it is in heaven? Did I not speak unto my servants that the Kingdom of God is in the midsts of you?

Take up a banner, blow the trumpet in Zion, the Day of the Lord is come. A might wind, a mighty storm upon the land as in the days of Noah, a mighty drought a mighty fire as in the days of Lot. Swift destruction it comes, a sudden disaster it comes, a terror in the night it comes to those who are sleeping. Did I not say to “stay awake” for you know not the hour I come to you?

The bystanders shall take part, the wayward men shall be moved, peoples hearts failing them at what is coming upon the earth.

Where do you dwell my people? Shall I be unto you a comfort or a terror of the night? Where do you sit my people, in my counsel or in the council of men and sinners? Have you inquired of my instruction, of my words and my ways? What is your will, to do the work of the Father or your will be done? Man establishes his plans in his heart but I come to set on fire that which is not of me, no flesh can stand in my day.

What have you build your house upon? The dust of the earth will reel and rock, you will not stand alone. Only in me, hidden in me, covered by my wing shall you remain. Only in me shall you walk through the fires and the floods and not be burned and swept away. There is only one rock, one truth, one way to Zion.

As in the days of Noah my servant that was obedient to do all I commanded is the same day in which you stand before me and hear my words, as in the days of Lot are your days to flee from the evil cities that shall burn with fire.

Did I not say, “come out of her my people lest you partake of her plagues?” Obedience is the difference between life and death. Do all I commanded of you and follow me. Time is of no concern, I am outside of time. My will shall be done though my good and loyal servants I have chosen to do my will.

Many will say, “Lord, Lord” but I see your hearts, many will say, “I am a Noah, I am a Lot” but I say unto you, “I do not know you nor do you inquire of my ways.” Where will I find you at my arrival in the city or wilderness with me? Harden not your hearts, if you hear my voice turn away and leave all you have, do not look back, do not return for your cloak. I’m leading my sheep into the wilderness where I will be your everything, follow me. “


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