Devil Dance Done – Ruth Johnson

Devil Dance Done

November 22, 2020 9:38 PM
Ruth Johnson

The demons do dance
In a delirious trance
Drinking blood, maniacally laugh
The moon shines down
On these evil clowns,
Tossing their dice, never think twice
That they are going down,
Down down down
In the ground ground ground.
Down down down,
Won’t be found.

The demons do pray to their black lord
Who stirs them up
So they don’t get bored.
Drink from my cup! Hallucinate!
Do not look up! i am great!
i am lord of everything!
Drink, you horde! To me you sing!
My altar gleams, my knife glints,
The moon reflects their dead light hence,
Drink up! The blood! The innocent brood!
They are all ours, put on your hood!
Your mask, your mask, your mask!
Do you even need to ask?
Sickness reigns, depravity bouts,
Soon, oh soon, we own these louts!
Dance to the moon, our silent orb,
Light from the sun we do abhor!

Dance, dance, dance,
Spin and twirl!
The boy is our’s, cherish the girl!
She will soon be our food!
Good! Good! Good!
we’ll steal and lynch, never give an inch,
we’ll take a mile with a pumpkin’s smile!
we’ll remove their heads,
Bowl with them!
They are all dead, they just don’t know,
It is our show, our show, our show!
Let’s go!
Front row seats, the choicest meats!
Lamb, kid, dog, all great treats!
we will not be stopped,
It is our sock hop!
Dance and sing to the metal band!
Give yourself a hand!
we have almost conquered
This blood soaked land!
Who can stop us?
They do not understand,
The audacity, the tenacity
Of our black lord’s plan!
Will we win it? he thinks so!
They all envy our frenetic frenzy!
Twist and shout! Writhe and rock!
Roll and rumble! we’re cock of the block!

Time to orgy! Time to breed!
Follow along, lust takes the lead!
Ay caramba! Make them bleed!
Rant and rave, never grieve,
They are not us, let them bereave!
Grunt and grown, them we own,
Our slaves, our knaves
For the black king’s throne!
Hail him, laud him, put him first!
his awesome power,
his unquenchable thirst!
The earth is his, and all that is in it!
he knew with his lies he would win it!
we told them enough, over and again,
They believe us! we will win!
Sin, sin, sin you fools!
Seek riches, fame, drool, drool, drool!
We will give it, you will live it,
It will drag you straight to hell!
This is our techno show!
Go! Go! Go!
Jump before us, do not ignore us,
We are here to stay!
Forget your God, do not pray,
We are here to stay!

(Moment of silence, 7 trumpets)

Heaven stands open,
Reveals a white horse,
The Rider on its back
Is Faithful and True.
With Justice He judges,
Makes war with you.
His eyes are fire,
He is the Word of God.
His robe dipped in blood,
He wears many crowns,
He leads Heaven’s army,
Dressed in white robes
On horses of their own
Sent from God’s Throne.
His Voice a sharp sword,
King of kings, Lord of lords.
Hail! Hail! Hail! The Truth Behold!
Hark! Hark! Hark! The Truth be Told!

Run, you scum, try to hide!
Your time is done, your lies you lied
Come to light now, scurry in fright now,
Drop and bow.
Your show concludes now, no ovation,
Hope you enjoyed your short vacation.
Burn in hell now, dance in flames,
All is well now, our Saviour Reigns.




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