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December 7, 2022 9:09 PM
Anonymous One

This is the Word that I received from the Holy Spirit on 12/2/22

(I kept hearing this in sets of 3 and think it was 9 in total but later heard it again)

They have offered the blood of My innocent ones on their altars to Baal, sacrificing what is so precious to me. As they have slaughtered so shall they be slaughtered. I come with vengeance against the wicked – the enemy’s camp is about to feel My fury and see My power! This nation has polluted My sanctuary with every imaginable abomination!!! This generation seeks a sign yet the signs are all around and they chose not to see nor believe.

DEVASTATION, DEVASTION, DEVASTATION comes to a nation that has disregarded My laws, My statutes, My judgments as they seek man and elevate him above me. My people have forgotten how to follow Me, to honor Me. I am the Great I AM and beside Me there is no other. Who is my equal? Man has put me on a shelf as if I AM is only a trinket. The church is polluted and corrupted. Many Pastors have gone the way of Baal and will lead the flock that they failed to shepherd in truth to their demise.

I have warned and warned and warned and it has fallen on deaf ears. The time has come for Me to show how far man has turned away from me. As I am the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth and all that is within and as I am the Lord of love and mercy I will give each one their last chance to repent before a Holy and Righteous God.

I am the God of love and mercy yet they have forgotten I am also a God of judgment and I am to be feared. REPENT with fear and trembling My people or perish! STOP serving your idols. I am the Only One to be revered. Soon the music will no longer play, the idols shall be torn down and you will see, My people, following man’s ways has served you no purpose.

You can determine the weather yet you cannot see how late the hour is. From My vantage point as I am Omnipresent and Omnipotent, I see every abomination under the sun. As you try to celebrate your Christmas season, you will see how the enemy has other plans. You slumber and stay in complacency while they plot and plan your demise.

America is going underwater. America is about to reap what it has sown. America has robbed My children of innocence. You have fornicated with your gods and flaunted your sexual perversions. America, you have taught other nations how to rob, steal and kill. For all this and more, there are consequences. Will this nation repent as a whole? If it would, then I would relent of what I am about to allow.

As you wallow in your filth following the adversary, you very soon will see his love — the plans are to exterminate you. WAKE UP!!! You believe in political leaders yet you, My people, do not believe My Word nor My warnings that I have spoken through so many. As it was thousands of years ago they did not believe My prophets, My watchmen, My handmaidens and all messages given. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be again; they will be dating and drinking and marrying and SUDDENLY all destruction comes — this time by fire!

As all goes dark and all idolatry is stripped away then you will see and know My Words never go void. The time of judgment on this wicked generation has already been happening and now, since so very few have looked up and returned to Me, more judgment comes. The good times are over — there will be much wailing and lamentation.

You, my people, have dishonored Me; no longer do you give reverence to the One who blessed this nation and pay homage to Me but pay homage to everything unclean, foul as you dance with the devil. Oh, how I have grieved over you America!

You are no longer the land of the free but will be ravaged, pillaged and taken captive. As you have done to others, it is now time to pay for all the crimes against humanity. Do you think the One who made the eye cannot see? Do you think, I, who made the ear cannot hear what is said behind closed doors? Do you think I do not see all your fornication, adultery, beastiality and sexual perversions with My little ones? They cry to me daily and My recompense is upon this nation as you robbed My babies and little ones of life as sacrifices to Molech through your abortions.

I did not come to bring peace but a sword. You cannot pray away My judgment. Pray for your loved ones. Pray you are found worthy to escape what is coming. This is now time this season that all will see My Son is not a myth nor is he a baby in a manger but a fierce Warrior King! Games are over. Devastation is at the door. Hour is later than you think.

The babies cry, the earth is groaning; this world is fading away and I will establish My kingdom — a new heaven and a new earth. Get your spiritual houses in order. Put oil in your lamps and don’t be as the foolish virgins. REPENT for the kingdom of God is at hand. DO NOT procrastinate for you do not know when you will be called to exit — only I know the date of your departure. Align yourselves now with Me. DO NOT DELAY!!

To My Remnant, My Army, My Chosen Vessels, the time has come for all to see My Power, My Glory through you. You have lost everything to follow Me and as all crumbles you will shine ever so brightly in the darkness. The fear of God will fall on all at this time. You will do great and mighty exploits in My Name as I Am is the driving force. My Spirit so alive in you! Rise and Shine My precious ones, My chosen. The whole world will see that I dwell within you and noone will pluck you out of My hand.

This is all for now My child, My daughter. (After He said this he added a little more to this message)

I love you My people and now is the time I shall see how many truly love their First Love and how many will curse Me as they deny Me. Do not forfeit your salvation. I, the Lord have spoken. I am the Great I Am. Those who endure ’til the end, I shall give you the crown of life and you shall sit at the King’s table and I will wipe the tears from your eyes.

Stand firm, Be strong, be the overcomer. Many of you will be martyred. Prepare your hearts for this. Will you still love your First Love when persecution is upon you? All are going to be tested for I am coming very soon. Will you be ready? Many shall be saved yet so many more will perish.

(Please seek the Lord on all this and is it this year or in 2023 as winter season will still be upon us then until the spring season starts in 2023. I am only the watchmen giving out what was given to me to share.

Anonymous One

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word ended was 10:10 pm 12/7/2022

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