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Destruction Of The Word Of God Will Be Answered Soon! – Pollox


Destruction Of The Word Of God Will Be Answered Soon!

August 24, 2021 6:25 PM

August 24, 2021

Scriptural Reference: Luke Chapter 24 Verses 44 – 49

You have called My Word myths, allegories, fables, oral tradition written down centuries later. You have trampled on the Holy Spirit and His the prophecy charism outright. Your intellectuals both inside and outside the Church, use the term “Higher Criticism” to de-note your de-mythalization of My Word, Person, Mission, family line, Mother, Apostles, Prophets, the Early Church and have destroyed the faith of millions. The Great Apostasy Into The Great Delusion!

In the last 40 – 70 years, the snake king has unleashed a plethora of confusion, denial, misunderstanding, lies, doubts, destruction of tradition, questions on:

The necessity of accepting Jesus Christ to be saved.
The historical figures of the Old & New Testament
The prophecies from Enoch to Revelation, to your own day.
The Divine intervention in history.
The miraculous.
The existence of Heaven & Hell.
The existence of Adam & Eve.
The reality of sin and existence of satan himself.
The need for baptism.

The greatest attack has been centered on the Son of God Jesus Christ, the God- Man:

a. Jesus didn’t know He was God until the Cross.
b. No virgin birth.
c. Jesus Christ never founded any Church or priesthood.
d. Jesus Christ is Piso/Bush family line, not of King David’s line, who is a myth.
e. No Resurrection, no afterlife.
f. There is no god, Jesus was a man only and a political revolutionary.
g. Jesus was gay and had a lover John, brother of James.
h. Jesus never died on the Cross, he married Mary Magdalena and had children.

This generation has wandered in the intellectual desert for over 40 years. I AM will not allow most of you to enter into the Promised Land (Era of Peace) because of your sins, fears, stiff-necked Apostasy and lack of Faith. Selah. End

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