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Destruction of California – Trupti Desai

Destruction of California

March 31, 2020 8:43 PM
Trupti Desai

This message that was given in January 2019

An earthquake that has not been seen for over 100 years will strike mightily on the land you call California. My wrath knows no bounds against the evil that has taken place upon this soil. Hidden deep within chambers and tunnels. Hollywood, Hollywood, Holly and wood. The sign will be split into 2 and this sign will expose the evil of the rich and famous. The witchcraft of protection will be removed. Landslides, rift. A wide crack will open up and swallow much evil. Great destruction upon California

People who were once idolized will be destroyed. Tunnels will be revealed for the world to see where evil took place and one by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one..DESTROYED!!!!!IDOLS, Idolization of the famous no more. The sign will be the earthquake and splitting of the Hollywood sign.

Pray for righteous on this land, the world will see the truth


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