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Destruction of California – Trupti Desai

Destruction of California

March 31, 2020 8:43 PM
Trupti Desai

This message that was given in January 2019

An earthquake that has not been seen for over 100 years will strike mightily on the land you call California. My wrath knows no bounds against the evil that has taken place upon this soil. Hidden deep within chambers and tunnels. Hollywood, Hollywood, Holly and wood. The sign will be split into 2 and this sign will expose the evil of the rich and famous. The witchcraft of protection will be removed. Landslides, rift. A wide crack will open up and swallow much evil. Great destruction upon California

People who were once idolized will be destroyed. Tunnels will be revealed for the world to see where evil took place and one by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one, by one..DESTROYED!!!!!IDOLS, Idolization of the famous no more. The sign will be the earthquake and splitting of the Hollywood sign.

Pray for righteous on this land, the world will see the truth

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  1. ivan dimitrov

    i will be Very Glad to see THIS=AMEEEN

  2. Adriana

    Amen !!!!!

  3. Armando Felix

    Thank you for this word. Amen from California. I have been praying for a sign.✝️☁️🚨☁️

  4. Ireland Marie Johansson

    This is what is coming:

    1. Tsunamis on the East and West Coasts

    Why is this coming:

    1. Abortion at nine months
    2. The plastic face surgeries and body parts
    3. Crimes against children
    4. Satanism and the Satanic-embedded elite going back to Ancient Babylon
    5. Drugs, wars, weapon sales, transhumanism

    The Empire State Building has been lit up with:

    1. Kali
    2. Cuomo’s pink lights celebrating abortion at birth

    Cracks showing:

    1. Saudi Aramco IPO, oil price, 9-11 lawsuits, 28 Pages, Kashoggi
    2. Erosion of the petrodollar
    3. Loss of the war in Yemen
    4. China and Russia armed with hypersonic weapons.
    5. Status 6 Cobalt tsunami torpedeos
    6. Homeless everywhere
    7. Leaders unable to lead a broken, distracted public
    8. Red lights on the Empire State Building
    9. Default on America’s debt in 2009 with $8 Trillion printing

    What’s next:

    1. Tsunami over the top of the Empire State Building
    2. New Madrid Fault
    3. California hit
    4. Global earthquake (Amara Onubia dream)
    5. Global tsunamis with cities like Rio hit. New Zealand and Seattle are important to Satanists for some reason.
    6. No more Internet.
    7. Military satellite communications taken out by EMP, CMR, China

    After that:

    1. Global digital currency
    2. China takes Yemen and all of Arabian Peninsula
    3. Antichrist

    Corona and post Corona World:

    Tribulation increases:

    Katrina, Rita, Harvey, Sandy, Asian Tsunami of 2004, Fukushima, famine in Yemen, ISIS kiling Christians and other events opened the gates.

    At Stanford University, experiments were done on live beating hearts taken from partial birth abortion babies. The journalists who exposed this at the recent Planned Parenthood Trial were found guilty. The media tried to hide it. Politicians did nothing. Christians did nothing. The Satanists won. The two journalists on trial were a shadowing of The Two Witnesses. That was one of the final abominations.

    Things have gotten worse since the eclipse of 2017.

    Time is going faster and faster.

    The post Flood world started in Yemen, with Noah’s son Shem.

    As was done to Yemen since 2015, so shall it be done elsewhere.

    The tsunamis will go to Appalachia. California agriculture gone.
    St. Louis hit again just as in 1812. Farmland ruined in the Midwest. Famine. The abortion laws will be a big part of the reason. Except for Mississippi.

    Think about things in this moment:

    Sports gone. Universities shut down. Stores without goods. Stock Market computer trading irrelevant. Cheyenne Mountain activated. Navy at port. China and America at odds. 333 million Americans sheltering in place. Supply chains stretched. Shortages. Police and doctors getting sick. Most occupations and university degrees now shown to be worthless. Cash seen as a vector for disease. Bill Gates readying a vaccine and microchip. Russian submarines off both coats and in the Gulf of Mexico armed with the Status 6 tsunami torpedo. No way out for global Satanic elites and their fake printed money scheme.

    The elites of the British Empire needed World War II to cover their tracks for looting the UK and the world. Today, America’s elites need cover to carry off the loot from the U.S., changing dollars for real assets, land, gold, food and underground bunkers. The underground bunkers will be their tombs.

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