DESTRUCTION is at the DOOR!!! – Victoria Ang


Victoria Ang

Last night I received THREE prophetic dreams that I am encouraged to share


In the first dream I had to take a test! The test was soooooooooooooo hard. But I was made known it was a very very important test.Even the instructions to take this test were very hard to follow to know how to take this test. ( Represents following Gods word) I so badly wanted to pass this test . So I prayed and reread every question and answer I placed several times over to make sure I did my best in passing. I finally completed the test and was leaving the room that did not have anyone else in the room . But another unknown person (represents the few that God has CALLED and CHOSE to do his work)……He came into the room as I was leaving getting ready to take a similar test. I could see he was perplexed on the instructions to follow for the test. So I went over to him and explained what was needed to answer the questions in the manner and fashion required…. ( helping those in need to follow after the word of God and his plans for their life….. in various ways) I waited outside the room for my test results. Soon the unknown man taking the other test came out to join me waiting his results as well.
An unknown lady ( Angel) came out and told us both we did a great job on the tests and would now be rewarded ! She said ” I AM GOING TO TAKE YOU TO A PLACE WHERE THE SKYS THE LIMIT AND YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU DESIRE”! ANYTHING!!!”!!! ….. the dream ended

Second dream:

I went into this unknown house( represents those not seeking fully the Lord)…. and as I entered they were busy in the house but the ceiling started to crumble in and fall. I said to the owner of the home your house is falling apart. He said ” Don’t worry I will get to fix it later “! I walked into a few other rooms and again found the same thing where there where cracks in the walls and everything was giving way within the house!…. the dream ended….


It represents those getting distracted by things in this world that will cause their ” “house”…. both physical and literal spiritual house to fall and crumble! They are not concerned on the important things occurring right in front of their faces but things of this world

Third dream:

In this dream I was going to a house to help baby sit some younger family members of this unknown person. I pulled up to the house but noticed just a few feet away from the entrance of the home there was smoke pouring down the street from a fire that had been set. I went to check out the fire but it had spread and was only a few feet from the home I was suppose to help! I ran to the house and opened the door and SHOUTED ” GET OUT NOW THERE IS A FIRE”!!! …… the dream ended


We are to help those in need and God sends our way till the final moments of destruction ! THE DESTRUCTION is at the DOOR!!! Keep shouting the warnings to save lives! Keep your eyes on God to guide your steps !

God bless! Be Encouraged! Stay in prayer and eyes on the Lord!! 🙏😍❤️😇

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