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Destruction for America – Janice Sharp

Destruction for America

Janice Sharp


This is a post that was written over 10 months ago but I was not released to post it and for that I was glad because it talks of destruction and horrific things. I believe the time is upon us now so I have prayed about this and the Lord has given me more which I will add at the end. May God be with us all.

I have been posting in order, the words I received from the Father and it is absolutely incredible that they are relating to events that are being revealed in our world. The other day I posted about secret societies and rituals involving children as the #Pizzagate revelation was happening but the words were given about 6 weeks previous to all this coming out in the news. God has given me encouragement for my walk but also much warning to anyone who will listen. I can’t worry about who will read these words because I believe the Lord will lead whoever needs to hear them. Here I am going to write of specific mentions of America and what is coming as a compilation thus far. God is speaking to all the people of the world but I felt like today He wanted me to post specifically about America. I would rather tell everyone that Jesus loves them and everything is going to be okay, but it is not. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes and if you are not born again and hidden in Christ, then it is going to be a very dangerous time. Obviously you do not have to believe me, but I would urgently encourage you too seek Jesus while you still have breath. If you see some of these events coming to pass, then please, get on your knees, repent, ask God to forgive you in Jesus name and ask Him to guide you from then on out. Believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and you will be saved. The following words were give on different days in October and November (2016) but I am putting them together as one. Time is short.

God Speaks of Destruction for America

Tornado alley will be torn up by their weather machines, as will many other areas in the north. It is my judgement upon the inhabitants of the earth. Watch and pray and I will deliver you. The hand of the oppressor is lifted against you once the quakes hit the middle of that country that is run by devils

Total destruction is coming to America. Her false prophets will be silenced in their pulpits and all the sages will be cut off.

The cataclysm is brought by the people for the people and Obama will stay on his throne until the desolation is complete. Magicians and sorcerers have confided and cajoled all who can decide on the fate of that nation and demons and satyrs will dance on the land of the once free. Tell all who will listen of this coming destruction and urge them to repent. Glory is mine says the Lord. and I will share it with no other. The timekeeper will freeze the hands of time until the mystery of inequity is revealed. The false prophet has seen to it (the Pope of Rome), that as many as worship the beast will be sidled by the wayside in their pride.

The power structures are clamoring to release their final plans into motion with much planned destruction. Yes they will use their Russian counterpart to blame on for the fire and smoke that comes out of the sea. Kislev 17 will be a day to be remembered with the water as high as the walls of Jerusalem as Jonathan has uttered. Water will cover all the lanes of the city by the sea. That great city will be no more.

Three Days of Darkness

Watch for the sign of Jonah who was hidden for 3 days. As it will be for those dwelling on the earth who will see darkness on the land but will remain hidden in Me. Three days in the belly, though it will seem bad, I will be there along with you and you will emerge into my glorious light. The power grid will be attacked from within and be blamed without. The enemies are within the gate and all are vulnerable to this sneak attack. Yes New York will be hit in the middle of the night. The world wide web will be shut down as they will not allow the world to communicate help to each other. Store provisions for this time which will occur when Saturn turns the corner into the elliptical orbit of the number nine system. Grip your chairs and hang on tight, not letting go of My hand. ** Here I heard the word Saturday, so this could be when these events happen. What Saturday is not known. Here I think I questioned that I was hearing from God as He then said Do not doubt My words, but rather trust in Me. It will happen and there will be no new president as you have guessed**. They seek to hide their real plans until the time they will enter into their arks but yes, I will destroy them where they stand. The rocks designed to keep danger out will only serve to keep the real danger in.

Donald Trump will win but will not be allowed to remain to rule that nation for My judgement comes. I say to all who are blinded by this farce of fairness, that I have allowed the man of sin to remain to bring about the judgement upon America. The people are in a deep sleep but will be jolted awake. The riots will begin by the 12th (of November) when the doors open for chaos to remain.

The nightmare has only begun for America and the world. The dominoes will begin to fall when I lift My hand from this land. What a time they will have trying to to decipher all the traps set for them, to dart around all of the snares ready to be tripped. Satan is laughing at his handiwork, as the whole world lies in his hands. The Antichrist is straightening his tie, waiting backstage to make his grand entrance. It is Obama, the man of peace. Most have fallen for his ways, but My children, the ones who hear My voice, have not.

Mushroom clouds will be seen on many shorelines in America once Israel has been attacked, there is no turning back. Their war machines are all in place, all over the earth, while people slept, they were shipped on every continent. Many were brought in by the shores of Florida when the population was told to scatter from the storms. If you could only see the traps they have been set for you. They will come for your weapons as only they will be allowed to have them. Open up your hearts to hear this truth now now or you will wail later. They have their camps set up for all those who do not follow the plan and give consent for their total takeover. They will come for the children as families will be separated.

Obama will strike a powerful blow against his people by mid December. As the snow flies, the missiles will also rain down. So many will be killed and families will be marched off to their homes away from home. Hilary is charged to head up this operation by her masters. No, Donald Trump will not rule the land for chaos will ensue before any changing of the guard takes place. The people will mourn when they see they have been fooled again by the wicked ones who seek their destruction. So much will happen in those 7 years that many new believers will sprout up around the earth. Tell as many as you can to seek Me now as you do not know what tomorrow brings an nobody is promised another day. Set yourselves apart from the masses and keep your garments clean.


I prayed and asked the Lord if I should post these words and if there was anything else He wanted to speak through the Holy Spirit at this time and this is what was given to me in my spirit.

Write of those who will take My children out of their homes in the middle of the night to the planned horror camps. They have numbed the minds of the people through their endless witchcraft and manifest poisons. They drip from the sky and cover the minds of all those not sanctified by My grace. Yes post what I have given you and tell them Trump is a president in name only – he is going to lead that country into a pit from which there there is no escape. His masters tell him what to say and when to say it. He is the puppet king who is only a seat warmer for the true power, who is the Pope. Let not your hearts be troubled for I will shelter you from this storm and hide you in My secret place. How many will fall will be determined when the smoke clears, but by then you will be gone from this earth and in My Holy presence. Yes, write now, for the time has come. Get into the ark of My salvation children, for the tidal wave of destruction comes. Satyadev has spoken. (this is a name that means Lord of Truth as I have written previously).

Come My children to the place I have prepared for you.


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