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Destruction comes and comes most swiftly – Krystal Beall

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Destruction comes and comes most swiftly

July 24 2020
Krystal Beall

The hour of gross darkness has come. The darkness is allowed by me. Do I the LORD not do all these things? Yea. It is so. I do. I AM. Few are they who have harkened to my trumpet, heading my warnings. Blinded and beguiled. Few are they whom have understanding and desire for me.

I have said it and I say it again with much sorrow and many tears … America has rejected me. The revelation on American soil shall be for all to see. I was cast out from among the American people whom I had made my visitation and dwelling in the midst of and with open and outstretched arms stood ready to receive calling friends. I was sent away with much disgust and much anger.

Bitter are my tears. Great my suffering. Greatest of all…my love. When a nation rejects me, it is turned into hell. America you are hell before me. I see hell when I look at you America. You are a stench to me. I AM filled with wrath. Fury. Recompense and yet my love remains. The full destruction of America has come. I shall destroy the nation that rejected and robbed me. A nation filled with sin. Fire and ash are upon you. Blood shed shall flow as a river. Men shall beat their chests in the war torn streets of America. A holocaust allowed by me. Woe to you America. I AM sorely displeased. I shall be glorified in your destruction. I shall see the travail of my soul and be satisfied. I have gone before thee.

To all whom love me I desire you come away with me. Pray. Spend time with me that what is written and veiled I may reveal. I AM. Ye shall know. Ye shall have understanding. Ye shall taste and see that I AM good. I shall show you plainly what was clouded from you. What I have reserved for the last hour of my final generation in where I have called and chosen you be. Born for this time. A time such as this. A time that shall never be again. I look upon America the whole earth and mourn.

Fallen. Fallen. Fallen. The fall of mankind. My creation fallen. You see not as I see. Man thinks not as I think. My ways higher. My thoughts higher. I know the thoughts I think towards you. Thoughts of peace..not evil. To give you an expected end. Repent. I have said. Repent. It is written. The wage of sin is death. I desire no man to perish but REPENT. Look unto me all the ends of the earth and be saved for I AM God and there is none else . Seek me and live. I AM the way. The truth. The life. My kingdom is not of this world. I SPEAK PLAINLY…AND NOT IN PARABLES…MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD.

I have prepared a place that where I AM ye may be also. I will come again and receive you unto myself. Where I AM ye may be also. Fear not. I AM faithful. I AM true. I have allowed all these things to be as they are today in America and in all the earth. I search the earth… Constantly watching if any seek me. I listen to hear any and all whom cry out to me. Many of my own are in fear this hour. Peace. Be still. It is I the LORD whom has done all these things. Rest in me. I AM leading. I AM with you. Never will I leave or forsake thee. Trust me with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. There is good for all whom love me. In the twinkling of an eye.

All shall change. I have kept my word. I do not listen to prayers for America. I have not nor will I spare the nation. Destruction comes and comes most swiftly. My eyes set ablaze in my fire of love, correction and justice. America devoured. The beast shall fall never to rise again. The smoke of her burning shall be seen. My remant why do you fear? Do not doubt. Believe. Is there anything to hard or impossible for me? You can not fathom what joy is at hand. My GLORY shall be for all to behold. Darkness. Gross darkness. GLORY. So much GLORY. My garden restored. I have turned from America. My face hidden from the nation of abomination. Woe to you America. It pains me to behold you. I AM most angry with you. My faithful longing souls….

Now is the hour in where you will bear witness to much. Much GLORY and many many wonders that shall cause you to shine. I have listened. I have answered your prayers. I have made all things new. I have given you the desires of your heart. I have set many captives free. Rejoice with me for I have sought my sheep and found him that was lost. A wedding banquet of joy. A white stone. A new name. Trust me. I know where you are. I have you where I so desire you be in this final hour.

To all whom are longing to hear my voice I say to you….You will. It is not what you are doing wrong, but what I have done and am doing. Do not lose heart. Stand firm. I hear the sobs of all whom desire to hear my voice and struggle thus are overcome by fear. Be still my soul. Be still. My voice shall you hear. Faith. Faith. Not sight.

AMERICA…your hour has come in where I bring all that is written and all I have warned to pass. No more America. I AM finished. Look up. Watch. Rejoice. Are you ready to behold my face? Are you ready to receive all that I have prepared for you? Are you ready to know my deeper and undisclosed Revelation? The hour has come. Clouds. Blow ye the trumpet in Zion. Prepare ye the way. BEHOLD. I come quickly. Darkness. Light. Eternal life.


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