Destination Of The Lukewarm – Dan


Destination Of The Lukewarm

January 25, 2021 5:31 PM

*This is the warning dream from about 7 years ago that Dan wanted to share where he has a physical manifestation after he woke up the next morning.

As I slept the Lord gave me a dream. I came out between two buildings that had been blown to bits, in what looked like a war torn area. I walked with another person, but I did not see their face, however I knew they were my friend in the dream. We walked down a small opening of concrete that had been blown to bits, and shrapnel of all kinds and very bullet ridden concrete, and then stepped out to the right onto a road, As we came to the end of this town, there were two fields. The one to my right was a field where it looked like corn had been grown, because there were many stubbles, as if it had been harvested freshly. But the other field to the right of that road had a field that was the same, but it looked like it had been harvested way before the one on the left as the stubbles looked discolored, almost yellow. As we looked into the field on the right, there was a large circle that was maybe 200 feet from us to the right and in front of us, so, very curious, we went to see what it was.

As we approached the circle it looked like a black goo was in it. The closer we got to it, the bigger the circle got. When we approached it very closely and stood by it, there was what appeared to be…and I know this sounds strange…but a board, like a 2 x 4 appeared, with this black goo all over it, rising out of the middle of this circle. I felt a very evil presence as that happened and sure enough, satan appeared right where that board was, almost like the board sort of morphed into him.


At this point many people came out of nowhere, some dressed in normal clothes, and others dressed in a black cloak with red inside of it with a hood over their faces. Satan spoke and said, “If anyone will follow me, I will give you everything that you long for!” “Who will follow me?” Many people said, that they would, and when they did, he said with a very evil tone, “Okay,” good!” And as he looked at the people who would follow him, a sinister smile came over his face! The people who said they would started falling forward into the circle of goo, almost as if they were being pulled in. And I yelled at satan and said I will never follow you, I have my Lord and My King already! He ignored me and looked past me to my friend who stood to my right side, and didn’t even ask him, and my friend said, “I don’t know”, as if unsure if he should, and began falling forward. He fell into the circle of goo and as he did it caught fire! Now the whole circle was on fire and I could see many people who had fallen into it already screaming, as I tried desperately to grab my friends arm, and slipped down to his hand as i tried with all my strength to keep him from falling I yelled and said, “No, you can’t have him.”

I knew that my friend did not make any choice (lukewarm), and because of it satan had that over him, but my finger was all I had left holding onto his wedding ring that was on his finger at this point, and I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. Because his ring was so hot from the flames, I had to let go as it was burning my right index finger at the top and I let go! I woke up, and was literally hurting in my heart for those who had perished, and because I had been sweating so badly, I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit, and saw my face in the mirror. My face was beat red, almost like sunburned! Not only that, but the finger with which I was holding onto his wedding ring had a “physical” dark burn ring all the way around it!! I tried desperately to wash what it was on my finger off thinking that I could, but after several attempts I did not succeed. I did this for three days, each day thinking it would wash off. I did not have a candle next to the bed, or even a light on next to the bed, or anything that could have given me that burn at all.

I am attaching a picture for you all to see. The burn mark on my finger, and the rest of the parts of my body that were sunburned, lasted for 3 days, then went away. I call this a “physical manifestation” of my dream and I know the Lord was showing me, that many who are lukewarm will fall into the pit.

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