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Cheryl Adama


Desire to Know and to be Known

Who among you desires to know Me? Do not be so quick to answer. For in truth there are few who (truly) desire this because what does it mean to know Me? It means to avail one’s self so I may know them. I can only know a person by their invitation they extend to me. This kind of invitation gives me access to every part of their life – here I may speak truth and give life. This is what is a relationship with Me looks like. You cannot relate – personally to anyone unless you yourself avail yourself to them. It is the same with Me. I will have no such relationship where it has secrets. For secrets are only denying Me entry. Do you not know that I see all things anyway! Come to me with all. I will not take some of what one would desire to give, I must have all. I have given My all already, and I expect no less from any who desire to be one of Mine. For to do otherwise is to have a one-sided relationship, which is not a relationship at all. It is an empty dialogue that brings forth nothing of My Life.

Be sure that when you desire to know Me you will lay yourself open completely, to Me so I may know you. To not hide anything from Me, then you will be in the position to receive My work in you that brings wholeness. I will always require all who are Mine to give to Me all that they are, that we may be one. Do not deceived for many know ABOUT Me and think this is their relationship. They do not know Me, nor I know them.

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