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Deserted City Destoyed By Earthquake – Daley


Deserted City Destoyed By Earthquake

January 20, 2022 4:30 PM

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a most worrying dream and don’t know if it’s connected to or even the interpretation of the dream that I posted on 444 Prophecy News on 22 May 2021 titled: Evil is Descending. I don’t know if it’s part of that event that I saw in the sky.

25 September 2021 just before 06am

I dreamt that I woke up, got out of bed and walked down the passage. As I was walking I was saying to myself “I must have been in a very deep sleep because it feels like I’ve been sleeping for two or three days.

The house was dark but I was still able to dimly see a few objects. I also knew that I was alone in the house. As I approached the lounge, I saw a framed picture on the wall with a huge boat on deep waters. I stood in front of the picture looking at the deep water and saw that the water was calm and the boat was not moving. I looked around and saw that the lounge looked different with pieces of new furniture added. I was then feeling on the sides of the couches looking for my cellphone as I wanted to use the phone’s the light to see better. It did not enter my mind to switch the room’s light on.

The scene changed and I was now inside the garage. The garage roll up door was open. I sat down on a chair facing the open door and looking outside. All of a sudden the door started to roll down but stopped almost immediately. I got up from the chair and stood underneath the door looking up to the top of the door to determine why it suddenly started rolling down and then stopped.

To my horror I discovered that what I saw looked like the door rolling down was in actual fact a thick dark blackish grey cloud that was descending which gave the illusion that the door was rolling down. The sky descended and stopped at the top of the open garage door. I went to sit back down on the chair looking outside. I didn’t go outside but continued to look around from where I was sitting. I saw that the sun was still shining on the front part of the house despite the fact that the sky was dark and was sitting just above the garage door.

The scene changed and I was with my grandson, Jordan, riding with him in his car . I didn’t see him at all in the dream although we spoke to each other. The city looked deserted as there were no people, cars or animals. We rode into the main street of the city and saw two badly damaged buildings, one of which was an old hotel which had collapsed nearly entirely. At first I thought there might have been a tsunami as the buildings are close to the sea, but there was no sign of any water. I then said to Jordan, “This must have been caused by an earthquake.”

On the way home I said to Jordan, “We must turn back. We must try to find a way to get inside that hotel. We need to get supplies.” I became aware at that moment that we were the only survivors of my family.

End of dream.

Please take this to the Lord for confirmation.

Scripture taken from Good News bible

Exodus 10:22 – 23
Moses raised his hand towards the sky, and there was total darkness throughout Egypt for three days. The Egytians could not see each other, and no one left his house during that time. But the Israelites had light where they were living.

God bless you all and keep you safe

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