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Derailed, Get Back on the Tracks

JULY 9, 2023 7:02 PM


Each of my children go thru life learning lessons and hopefully finding me by the time their sojourn on Earth has ended. Some start out on the tracks and become derailed somewhere along the way. Sin enters their lives, and it becomes extremely hard to get back to where they were.

It is now time to put yourself back on the tracks. All sin must be vacated from you, to help with this process. The tracks will keep you on the straight and narrow road, which leads to my Kingdom.
To start this process, Repent of all sins (past and present), stay clear of repeating these sins, rebuke the demons and they will flee, follow my word and get close to me in prayer. I will help with anything you find too difficult. Even though I will help, you will be confronted with choices. A choice for the flesh will bring you off the tracks again and ruin your forward movement. The goal will be to continue rolling down the tracks, with nothing that will stop you. This is possible to do and accomplish, even though the enemy makes it seem undoable. Get back on the tracks and get your life back!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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