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Demons Need Permission to Enter – LynL

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Demons Need Permission to Enter

September 6, 2023 10:47 AM

Fundamentally, everyone is the same, they have the same type bodies, all (with few exceptions) are conscious, and all know what is considered, right or wrong. As life goes on, many of my children take on burdens that they were not supposed to take on. They are in families that are abusive, get into situations that shouldn’t have happened. As these events happen and pile on upon the soul, these children change. Fear creeps in and starts to consume them at every level. Fear of people, situations, going places, and even fear of being fearful. This gives demons the ability and permission to move into a body. Demons house themselves in bodies that are in sin or allow for their entrance.
It is important to stay away from these conduits that allow for entrance into your body. Trusting in your creator is the first step to you being healed. God created you and he is the greatest healer of all time. Give him a chance to help with your fears and sins. Start by repentance of all wrongs done in your lifetime. Talk to God about everything and ask for help to rid yourself of all sins. If you experience fear coming on, rebuke it and think of something else. Retrain your mind to stay off of fear or whatever constantly comes to mind, that is detrimental to the soul. Do not dwell in past occurrences and forgive all that were involved in the past. Unforgiveness, also allows for demons to attach to your body. Be careful to forgive anyone who you have had past dealing with. I will forgive you, if you will forgive others. Ask for my help to forgive if you find it extremely difficult.
Anything that keeps you from your greatest potential, Heaven, must be dealt with. It is not too late to change; it is not too late for Salvation.
Your Father

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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