Demons are going against the flow of My Spirit – April Denise Stefko

Demons are going against the flow of My Spirit

May 3, 2022 5:11 PM
April Denise Stefko


Audio provides more context through visions.

“Hemmingway. The things that man celebrates are not important. The things that shape culture are not important. My ways are different from the world’s.
Surrender. Surrender to Me. Not to the world.

Striving. It should not be so. I did not create you to strive. You are My children. You are to rest in My peace. (Philippians 4:7)

No Buy, No Sell is coming. Are you ready? Preparing. I’m preparing you, My church. Those with the Ox Anointing are plowing the way, trailblazing. Persecution comes to them but they are persevering. Post-Modern antagonists come against My people but do not listen to them. They are of the world. They do not know My ways. You are a peculiar people because you are set apart, holy unto Me. You do not conform to the ways of this world, to the ways of satan.

Garments. Clothes. Have you purchased them from Me? Your skin is like a garment & when you’re born again, you get new skin, new garment, new clothing. You’re no longer in the skin of sin. You are in the skin/garment of righteousness (in His blood). All your debt has been wiped clean (by His blood).

The world promises that if you walk in the world’s ways that you’ll end up with a pot of gold, worldly riches but it’s all lies. It’s all lies. Build up riches in heaven. Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Boasting. Too many people are boasting. Boasting & bragging. Boasting & bragging. Too many people are boasting & bragging about what they’re doing to feed the poor, to feed the homeless. Why do you need to say anything? Why do you need to mention it? Why do you need to broadcast it? Why can’t you just go & do what I tell you to do? Tainted. Too much of ministry these days is tainted. Too much of it is putting on a show. (Matthew 6:5) The boasting & bragging has got to stop. Do what I tell you in secret. That is the principle of the scriptures that say to go in your room & pray in privacy. (The spirit of that lesson is that you do what He tells you to do without boasting & bragging & putting on a show without getting affirmation & accolades from your fellow man.) Without getting a pat on the back. Your validation should come from Me. Luncheons. Conferences. People stroking their own egos. Egos & pride are getting in the way. People are thinking too highly of themselves, higher than they ought. Cliques. Enough with the cliques. This is not what My church is supposed to be. Cliques stroking each others’ egos, boasting & bragging in yourselves. Put the phone down. Put the camera down, & just do My work, perform My services unto ME, not unto a camera. Floodgates of heaven will open unto you if you walk with Me in privacy. Unbeknownst to your fellow brethren in terms of what you’re doing for Me. It doesn’t need to be announced. I will provide without you striving. I provide so that you do not have to strive. I provide in the absence of striving, in the absence of worrying. You do not need to worry. Worrying & striving, let them go. Let them go. Let them go. You do not need that. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Depend on Me. I am the manna. I am the bread of life. I am all you need. I am your everything & just as Father God had manna fall from the sky, just as I told you about the flowers & the birds, you will be taken care of without striving.

Mammon. Yes, get rid of it. You don’t need it. Learn to live as the Apostles lived, not knowing where their next meal would come from, where they would lay their head next, but doing (His) work. However I lead you… Each of you has your own path, & your own purpose. You need to cultivate the intimacy & that privacy with Me. I am your head. I am your headship. I am your covering ultimately. I am your leader. You get your direction from Me, no one else. No one else is above Me. You do as I told you to do, not strive. Checking with Me later, afterwards, is folly. Don’t do it.

Demons are going against the flow of My Spirit which goes against the grain of the world. The demons are sly. They’re tricky. They’re crafty. Confusion, they bring confusion, & you know that I’m not the author of confusion. Come to Me to clarify. Come to Me for instructions. The demons watch. They watch. They study. They see what’s going on but it doesn’t matter. You keep your eyes on Me. I’m watching. I’m sovereign. I’m God. Everything they do, they play right into (His) hand anyway. I’m God. I’m sovereign. I work all things for your good. You are called to Me according to My purpose, & I work everything for your good. I am almigthy. I am all powerful. They are nothing. Whatever they do, I can overrule it. I can work it out for good. Keep your eyes on Me. Don’t worry about them. Don’t concern yourself with them.

Principalities. There’s cliques in the spirit, gangs. Be aware of the enemy but don’t be afraid. Fear God. That is the beginning of wisdom & knowledge. Let the enemy run around in circles chasing its own tail in the desert. That’s not your business. Do My business. Concern yourself with My business, the kingdom business. Do what I told you to do. You know what I told you to do. Don’t doubt it. I’ve confirmed it to you. Don’t listen to contradicting voices of what you know I told you. Rebuke them. Silence them in the name of Jesus, My name. My son’s name is above all names. My sheep know My voice. I ask again, do you know My voice? My children, do you know My voice? You know the voices, the many different voices of satan, the different spirits. But do you know MY voice?”

~ April Denise Stefko

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