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Demonic Entities-Your Enemy Lurks Deep Inside of You – LynL

Demonic Entities-Your Enemy Lurks Deep Inside of You

June 26, 2023 6:58 PM


Your enemy is a stealth, cunning, evasive enemy who lurks in the shadows of your soul. He hides in each sin you commit, each impure thought you have, and each unfinished hatred and unforgiveness you harbor inside of you. He keeps you captive, he binds you with chains and steals any hope of salvation as he hides within you. Most do not even know he is there. He makes his home in your body and lives thru (for) your transgressions. Each and every sin you partake in, the enemy digs in even deeper.

Like the wind, the enemy can’t be seen. His hiding place becomes your behavior. He pretends to leave while you try to better yourself, but always reappears at weak moments in your life. Demons will not leave permanently unless extracted. It is up to the individual to repent of their sins, and not to go back to them. Some demons need fasting and prayer to be effective deterrents to getting rid of them.

Pray for my help, rebuke them and tell them you belong to Jesus, and they cannot return. Your soul must be rid of all sins before entering into my Heaven. There is no more time to put off what should have been taken care of, long ago. I will be with you during this difficult time.



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