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Demonic Attacks

March 7, 2022 5:13 PM
Jeff Andrews

10 days ago, a series of events played out that left me mind blown, but at the same time in awe of the Lords power and might. Over a period of months I had read, and viewed a number of peoples accounts of demonic attacks increasing as we head to the end of this age, and the need to maintain vigilance.
The last Friday of February I was at home – the same place I have spent the best part of the last 49 years. The Cat, of all things wanted out for the evening. There was a bit of a North Easterly breeze outside, but nothing I hadn’t encountered before. I turned the door handle to open the door, when the door opened and a tremendous force pushed me back. It was if someone was trying to force there way in as I opened the door, but there was no one there – only a huge surge of wind that came in. I can assure you this has never happened before and my heart stopped momentarily trying to grasp what was going on. I don’t yet know the significance of this event, if any at all.
I thought nothing more of it until three nights later – sometime shortly before 4:30am I was in a deep sleep when I awoke to the sensation of being pinned down in my bed by some force. I was trying to thrash around to free myself, and could not talk although I was trying to yell out for help – as if something was clasping a hand over my mouth. Eventually I was able free myself and managed to yell out these precise words “God, get this demon out of me” – then everything stopped and I woke up immediately.
While I can’t conclusively link the two events, about a week before this occurred I had received two very clear visions, after going to bed, one of Yeshua and the other of hands clasped as if in prayer. I knew immediately it was a msg about the importance of keeping my prayer efforts up – they had fallen away significantly.
As many witnesses to the Lord will testify to, Satanic and Demonic attacks will increase in tempo and severity prior to the rapture and the tribulation, and we have to ensure we are seeking Gods protection at all times.

The next dream occurred early last week – it involved going into a restaurant and encountering a well known celebrity who was undertaking reception/front of house duties. The encounter led me to believe we were in New York. I presented some credentials, I can’t remember what they were, to confirm our booking but these were refused. I got a little angry until the celebrity concerned pointed out that peoples identifications had been interfered with and that I was not the only one this was happening to. Almost immediately I had the thought that perhaps this was the prelude to some sort of hacking activity. About a month earlier I had a vision, like many others have testified to, of the Statue of Liberty being swamped by an enormous wave. I live some 15,000km from New York but sense a significant event occurring there soon.

As always seek Gods discernment

God Bless

Jeff Andrews

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