Demonic attacks arising/Satan’s time is getting short – Kristian Kemppainen

Demonic attacks arising/Satan’s time is getting short

12/8/19 2:34 PM
Kristian Kemppainen

Dream given  5.12.2019

Dream: I was spending holiday with my friend and we stayed at hotel. In the hotel I was watching television with my friend. In the tv there was person doing a comedy type of show. I immediately got chills from the guy who was doing the show (something very sinister about the guy). In the end of the show they guy said that the end will come before 2023. I felt in my spirit that the guy knew the times we are living in and had knowledge about the end times timeline.

After watching the tv show, me and my friend walked to the park. We were sitting in a park bench when suddenly the guy (who was in the tv show) walked towards us. When the guy started talking, I realized immediately that he was satan himself. After recognising him, his voice changed and he didn’t bother to try to deny it. Then satan said to me: do you remember when you had hard times? I knew that this was satan’s last attempt to turn me away from Jesus so I responded: Jesus is my lord. The guy (satan) got very angry and then walked away. After that we left the park and started walking on the city streets. There was a normal couple walking on the streets. In front of my eyes the couple got possessed by evil spirit and then tried to kill us with knife. We managed to defend ourselves while praying at the same time of protection from Jesus. When their killing attempt failed, the man killed the woman (his girlfriend/wife) and then proceed to kill himself. We thought that we were in a trouble since there was dead bodies next to us. Some friendly police officer then came and understood the situation and promised to help us. We went back to the hotel and started packing our stuff (we wanted to leave this place asap). Same police officer (who was helping us to sort out of the situation) then came to the hotel. In my spirit I felt that there was something fishy about the police officer (something dark). So I said to him, Jesus is my my king and saviour to test him (I know that demons/evil spirits cannot stand that). Immediately after he started hissing and then proceed to attack us. We managed to protect ourselves and tie him up with rope. I asked my friend (He does not believe in God/Jesus) that do you believe now after witnessing all of these events. He just said that there must be some explanation for all of this. After that we wanted to get away from that city and left the hotel. I forgot my wallet in the hotel so I had to go back to get it. The police officer (who was tied up) had vanished in thin air. Dream ended after this suddenly (it was like meant to stop there), I was prepared to still continue. The dream felt incredible real, it was like in real life. When I woke up I was shaking because the dream felt so real and I was in serious distress. I managed to calm down after praying.


Tv show part: Truth is out there and even now in many tv series they are showing wars, massive climate disasters, possessions, apocalypse etc but people think them as entertainment, not something that will happen in real life. When the guy said (satan) in the tv show that end will come before 2023, I dont know the exact meaning of this. I believe that it means that wars, climate disaster and antichrist will rise in power before 2023.

Satan tried to turn me away from Jesus: We are living in the end times and Satan will try his last attempts to get christians turn side and leave Jesus. When I confessed that Jesus is my lord, satan didn’t have any power over me.

The normal couple who got possessed and tried to kill us: Demon activity is rising and many people will be possessed by evil spirits. Because I denied Satan and put my trust on Jesus, he has no other choice than trying to kill me. Satan will sends his army of demons to kill belivers who doesnt worship him. God will protect us and give strength to defeat evil.

Police officer who was also possessed by demon: These evil spirits will try to trick us. They can pretend to help you but they just want to mislead and kill you. You can always expose these evil spirits by listening holy spirit inside you and confessing Jesus as your saviour.

My friend did not believe even after witnessing all of those events: Delusion is very strong and will get stronger. Even thought whole world will be seeing miracles, supernatural events, possessions etc they still don’t believe in Jesus. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. (Matthew 7:14)

Satan’s time is short and evil will be manifesting strongly in this world. When you have put your faith in Jesus, you have nothing to worry about. Jesus is king of kings and with him you can overcome all evil that is coming after you.

I truly believe that this was prophetic dream of coming times.

I’m sorry if there is spelling mistakes. English is not my native language.

Greetings, Christian (my name can be used)

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