Demonic attacks are increasing – Damien Lawrance

Demonic attacks are increasing

Oct 14, 2019, 10:22 AM
Damien Lawrance

I received this dream about a year ago.

The dream first started up in the mountains at the refuge, we were tending to the vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

I was at one side of the farm when i looked up and saw a rider on a white horse jumping from mountain top to mountain top (when i woke i had the understanding that this was the first seal, going forth to conquer and the mountain
tops were the nations being conquered).

After i saw that, i looked to my right and i saw a group of our people in the refuge. There was about 15 of them and they were surrounded by six or seven demons attacking them, they were loosing the battle, I had the knowlegde that the Lord had
annointed me with His power and full authority over the enemy, I went in to fight, at first a little scared, but as the power of Jesus fully infused me the demons fled real quick. I went over to them to see if everyone was alright, then they were all pointing behind me saying “LOOK LOOK”, i turned and saw a great white light, and then Jesus walked out of the light and was coming towards us. Even though everyone else saw Him and knew it was Jesus, i couldnt contain myself, i was jumping up and down with so much excitement yelling”ITS JESUS, ITS JESUS. I then knew what the scripture meant by saying “come as a child” as that was as i felt, as Jesus got closer He looked at me and smiled. I felt His love and compassion for us, His love for us is so strong, you can literally feel it, there is no way i could possible descibe it, so im not going to even try. After that He disappeared into a bright white light and i woke up.

Damien Lawrance

May Jesus bless you and Keep you my brothers and sisters.

Please take this to the Lord for your own confirmation

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  1. Mihaela Frincu

    Praise God!
    Thank you for the post

    Could not quite understand what are We supposed to say – what scriptures-when encounter the demons…

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