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Demonic and on the Road! – McKana


Demonic and on the Road!

November 15, 2020 8:38 AM
Daniel 2:22(KJV)
He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.

For many reasons, I have not been seeing many things as I use to. Partly, what has been said is already said, repeatedly. Secondly, there is sever ceaseless spiritual attack and sleeplessness.

While he(BHO) was in the White House, in a visions, I went to see what he is is all about. I see his wife and one other family member and asked about where he is. He is not there, hiding. That makes this next vision significant, very significant.

November 15, 2020 7:00AM

Lately, I am under sever spiritual attacks, everyday for very long, my sleep patterns are very disturbed. In this sleepless environment, days or nights, It is hard to have peace and expect to receive from theLord. No matter what, the Lord has His ways.
This time, I saw a short vision.

I am looking from the outside through the open door of a small room watching near the front door of a house, regular house, which has three four steps at the entrance. Obama is sitting alone and waiting, I don’t know what he is waiting for but waiting.

Suddenly he stood up, walked few steps, came to the front door to go out. When he reach the front door taking the few steps to walk out, I looked at him, the whole slim and tall body, regularly dressed, casually, no three pieces, regular. When he is about to step out, few meters right in front of me, startled by the situation I looked at his face and say hi! He ignored me, says nothing and keep walking down the few steps. That is when I clearly see his face. I see his two eyes. The left eye is normal, open and fully visible. The right eye is not fully open but it is RED EYE, different from the left eye. He knew I knew and realized what his spirit means-possessed. Then without saying anything, hiding his emotions but obviously upset I am there to see, he walked out, Turned to The Left and kept walking outside and Took the Road. I didn’t know I was having a vision but a real life happening. After I woke up, as all of us understand, the meaning is big and vey significant.

Waiting– Waiting for the right moment all this long, alone.

Stood up– The time has came, what we see in real life.

The RED EYE-Demonic, evil possession, the evil has entered him, partly fully doesn’t matter

Stepping out-On the road for the action, turning to the left.

Conclusion-Watch the times, it is here!
Take everything you hear and read to the Lord.
By now, all must be ready. Beware of the countless deceptions of the enemy, the cares of the world and the distraction.

Repent, Repent, Repent.


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