Demon Visitation – Glenn R. Geary, Jr.

Demon Visitation

May 23, 2020
Glenn R. Geary, Jr.

5-23-20 01:40 – Dream

I am either sitting in bed or lying down in it with a sheet over my head. I have this feeling of fear come over me. I suspect an alien or demon is there next to me. I can feel pressure on my right side.

I can hear this creature breathing slowly and also hearing puffing on a harmonica, the musical notes. I am frozen in fear, not knowing what to do or say. I manage to hang in there until the dream ended. This dream lasted several seconds. I couldn’t see in front of me because of the sheet over me.

The dream finally ends.

Notes: This may be a demon trying to possess me but, couldn’t similar to the alien not killing Riley because she was pregnant with the alien baby in the movie Alien. I could hear this creature breathing slowly and also felt something pressing on my right side, not pain just pressure. I am surprised I didn’t rebuke and/or bind this thing in Jesus’s name and cast it to the Lake of Fire for Judgement.

Only God Himself can save me.

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Psalm 119:80
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Glenn R. Geary, Jr.


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