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Defrosted wolves don’t bite…

March 29, 2022 11:20 PM
Rosaine Scruff

I had this dream on March 28, 2022.

The dream took place in an open field, composed of several grassy hills, with very green grass. It was a summer hill, the sun was shining on it and the green was beautiful, but despite that, I could see frozen wolves all the way down this hill. The hill was not a uniform hill (smooth and simple), but it was like those hills with layers of grass, which resemble large stairs of grass. I found it strange to see those wolves all frozen there in the green grass and I was curious how the sun hadn’t melted the ice that covered them.

All these wolves had a layer of transparent ice all over their bodies, but they were alive, growling and watching various brothers and sisters who worked in that field with DEADLY hate. And I want to emphasize it: DEADLY HATE. I was given the understanding in the spirit that they were waiting for the right time to act. They were waiting to be defrosted. They were not earthly wolves but demonic, as if they had demonic intelligence, not merely “animal instinct”.

I looked beyond the wolves and saw that there were many brothers and sisters from all over the world walking through this field, they were from all the nations that were there, walking in their spiritual callings. I received the understanding that all those who were part of the Army of GOD were walking there. They were not all of the “People of GOD”, but only those who were called to War: the Ministry of Spiritual Warfare, in whatever area the battle is. It was a specific part of the Body of Christ: The warriors of the LORD there in that field, were the group that goes to direct combat against darkness. The group that leans on the authority given by CHRIST and decrees the Word of GOD against the Principalities and Powers. It was a group fearless and mature in the LORD. But some there were so fearless that they ended up trusting their uniform more than the LORD.

The LORD said to me: Some of this group have “Preservation of Sins”.

The LORD then showed me that pride in the calling and past experiences was one of those preserved sins, which caused these brothers who did not hide to continue working, trusting in the “resistance of their uniform” and disobeying a prudential guide from the LORD to hide and be preserved.

From where I could see I noticed that the brothers and sisters walked these hills and their grassy steps playing their part in the Kingdom and dodging the frozen wolves. I noticed that they all wore a uniform that looked like a long-sleeved uniform. The fabric of this spiritual uniform was something that resembled a very thick tarp and some of these brothers were trusting more in the strength of the uniform than in the LORD and His guidance. I don’t know of any earthly fabric that has such resistance, only tarp. Although these brothers wore a uniform with such resistance, they were able to move around this field without any difficulty.

At the top of each of the various hills, the LORD had placed ready a vehicle of protection for these brothers and sisters. It was like a big van.

In my spirit, the LORD spoke: – They need to get into the vehicles NOW, because the wolves are DEFROSTING.

When I heard this, this information accompanied a sense of TOTAL URGENCY. I wanted to “fly” into the vehicle that was close to me. The LORD spoke to all brothers and sisters who were in the field, His voice echoed throughout the field. Everyone heard HIS voice, but not everyone obeyed. Very few got into the vehicles.

*(For reference, of each group with 100 brothers and sisters, only 04 entered a vehicle), the others continued working in the grassy field, as if they did not notice that the wolves were defrosting, because they trusted in the “resistance of their warrior uniform” .

Then, the LORD spoke about those who did not obey his guidance to hide in the vehicle provided by HIM: – They think that the fabric of their uniform will protect them from the wolves’ bites because it is a resistant fabric, but what my children don’t know , is that these wolves don’t attack in the conventional way some of my soldiers are expecting. Unfortunately they will be surprised.

I felt like a timer was ticking and time was ticking for the brothers and sisters to protect themselves, and I saw it as if a camera had zoomed in on the wolves and I could see them defrosting quickly. When the time to seek shelter was over and the wolves had completely defrosted, one of them became like a huge giant cannonball that caught fire and hit one of the vehicles, but no damage was done to the vehicle and neither was anyone inside it hurt. The vehicle just shook a little.

Then I looked up the hill and saw the brothers and sisters who hadn’t taken shelter, trying to get away from the wolves, but it was too late. They were scared because they realised that the wolves’ attack was not what they were expecting: The conventional bites. Then I could see several brothers and sisters being literally blown up by the “wolves that turned into incendiary cannonballs”. I could see a lot of bloodshed and death of the brothers and sisters, because they relied more on their tough uniforms than on a simple direction from the LORD that it was time to hide, because the time for the wolves to defrost had come.

End of the dream:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

Go therefore, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide thyself but for a moment, until the wrath passes. (Isaiah 26:20)

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