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Deep Deception – Krystal Beall

Deep Deception

November 4, 2020
Krystal Beall

Darkness and deception covers and blankets America. Deep darkness. Deep deception. As I look upon America I am grieved to my core. Why is it I behold a vast majority fixed on a deception, A vote? I am grieved to see you adorned in your” I voted” sticker. I cast it from my sight!!!

So far are you from me. My kingdom is not of this world. Come out from among them. Be ye separate. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you. The whole world lieth in wickedness. Vanity. Pride. Lovers of self. Can ye not see? Can ye not hear? Are ye blind and deaf.

Wake up oh sleeper. Destruction is upon you America. In you. Even now you are destroyed before me. You grieve me generation. You have no knowledge of the revelation upon your soil or the pain that it has caused me. Your nation has robbed me. Vengeance is mine..I will repay. You took from me what was not yours. You have caused me severe suffering.

REPENT. Your nation is fallen and defiled. I AM REMOVED FROM AMERICA.  It pains me to even behold you.

Where is the weeping and wailing for a nation that has rejected me?  Where is the sackcloth and ash? Where is the cries of sorrow for a fallen nation that has cast me out and caused me to weep most bitterly?  Where?

It comes. Truly it comes. It is here. I AM in your midst yet you remain blind, deaf and beguiled. Your nation has pierced me. I have not nor will I bless America. Cursed are you oh nation whom has hated me. I do not bless lawlessness. Sin upon sin. Your nation is drowned in sin, Yea even unto the pit. I have allowed all these things to come upon you and still you look to man blinded by your greed and pride. Your mammon is the death of you. I AM so sad and angry that you…yes you America have rejected me.

You are a most wicked and rebellious nation in my sight. You have taken my most precious fruit and for that alone shall I repay. I have given warning after warning. Sign after sign. All is well in America, Four more years. Make us great Keep us great. My eyes are full of fire. My tears are ablaze.

Deceived!!! You are a GODLESS NATION. A WICKED AND MOST REBELLIOUS GENERATION. Yes. It is true. I have been REJECTED in your nation. Most care not. Most do not know the REVELATION, MY REVELATION that is written and I have fulfilled. Why then does my heart bleed? My anger boil? America did not receive me and thinks that I have blessed the nation. It wounds me when you focus on things of the earth and not above. Your cry should be for me ALONE. Not a man. Not of this world.

I am wounded by your lack of trust and faith. I am wounded when you turn your eyes upon another and for him do you praise. I mourn. I AM ENOUGH.

A nation bathed in violence and deception. A nation fallen from me. A nation that took what was mine alone. A nation that has turned their backs to me. A nation whom has slammed the door in my face. In love and mercy, My love and mercy I called unto you. I sat with you. I ate in your midst. I called you friends, family. In your cruel mockery of me you laughed me to scorn and I was dismissed and unwelcomed. You have wounded me most severe.

What pain you America have caused me . YOU TOOK MY FRUIT. you AMERICA. YES AMERICA. Woe to your nation. Woe. Woe. I will be justified in your full and total destruction. You will weep and wail. Howl oh America for you are swept away and caught up in fire. My fire of correction and refinement. You are soaked in blood and full of sin. I will wash and purge you. Ye shall be a wool. Clean and pure. Holy before me. I will have the harvest. The souls I shed my blood for. Whom my soul was crushed, broken and poured out for.

I SHALL DO ALL THESE THINGS. I HAVE. ALL THINGS NEW. My people, My garden restored. Resurrected. A people, Holy unto myself that delight in me as God, and as a man. Whom shall see and know me as I AM. Taste and see that I AM good. Eat and be satisfied.

War is upon your soil. The enemy driven in by my hand. Recompense. I weep. I weep. Rejection hurts me to my core. You tried in vain to SILENCE me oh harrowing nation. I ROAR through this nation shaking it to the core. No stone left unturned. Desolation to match my own heart that America thrust a blade through. I shall destroy this beast and set ye free.

You have been so misled, DECEIVED. Come unto me. I have called you but my calls fall upon deaf ears. Trust me all whom love and long for me. Whom are watching. I AM FAITHFUL. TRUE. I AM the WAY. The TRUTH. THE LIFE. Fear not. The desires of your hearts. I AM the Good Shepherd. You have fallen asleep and the wolf has come in unawares. You could not watch for one hour with me. Fire. Captivity. Slaughter. I have gone before thee.

I shall pour out my revelation. A woman. A male child. A dragon. A white stone. A new name. A wedding banquet. Rejoice my little flock. It is my good pleasure to give you the kingdom. I desire you. Arise. Shine. GLORY. Splendor.


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